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Niche Marketing Expands Your affiliate marketing online business

Apr 22, 2008
If you're at all familiar with the term "niche marketing," you probably know that this simply means you focus your marketing efforts on one narrow area of a service or product. As an example, infant care is a major market, and reusable diapers would be a niche market of that more major market.

If you yourself are in affiliate marketing online business and you want to cultivate more profits, niche marketing may be your answer. One big advantage to niche marketing is that you have the opportunity to become dominant within your particular niche.

You're focusing on just one area of business, so your competition field naturally shrinks. If you are selling reusable diapers, your consumers will necessarily be concerned parents who are also concerned about the environment at the same time. They want quality products for their babies, and they're not interested in contributing to landfill usage. Therefore, any of your disposable competitors have suddenly been removed from your field of competition.

Now, you might be strongly tempted to expand your site beyond the niche you have chosen, but this is probably a mistake, especially if it's motivated by greed. For example, if you decided to sell disposable as well as reusable diapers, you might be thinking that this would give you double the business. However, you would probably be wrong. Why? Because if you try to sell both reusable and disposable diapers, you're going to confuse your client base. Suddenly, the environmentally friendly supplier they've gotten their diapers from has jumped ship and gone to the other camp. Therefore, they're likely to find a competitor within your particular niche and buy reusable diapers from them. In addition, you're not likely to attract disposable diaper clients, either. Those who use disposable diapers are probably going to simply visit their local grocery or discount store, save themselves some money, and buy their diapers locally.

The temptation to expand your site beyond your chosen niche, which is motivated by greed, will ultimately detour your niche strategy. If you broke out of non disposable diapers and decided to add disposable diapers as well, thinking that surely you would have twice the business, you would be wrong. You need to define your niche and stick to it. If you tried to sell both diapers you would confuse your environment friendly clients, who may choose to find another provider that sits better with their beliefs. Meanwhile, disposable diaper buyers would probably not take time to order diapers online when their local grocery stores sell them only a few blocks away.

Therefore, if you sell reusable diapers and only reusable diapers, you can also write reports on how this product benefits both babies and the environment in general. You can also talk about how much more cost effective they are. Simply put, though, when you write these articles, people will see you as an expert and their interest in your product will grow, because they know you know what you're talking about. They'll not only come to you for advice, but are also much more likely to buy your product. Therefore, an article or report on your particular product or niche will give you big rewards that go far beyond those of a simple advertisement.

Therefore, if you take advantage of niche marketing, your income will expand and your conscience will be clear, because you're not trying to expand your niche or clientele as a result of greed.
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