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In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Processes

Apr 22, 2008
In this competitive market environment, idea generation increases through three major methods. The methods include relaxation, interaction, and integration.

No matter what kind of business you own, marketing must be your first priority. Without it, you don't sell and can't stay in business.

It's hard to generate new marketing ideas in today's competitive environment. Many are cliches, while others are just overused.

By directing all your attention to the daily chores that it takes to run your business, you're probably left uninspired when it comes to marketing. This article will help you to redirect your attention through three processes.

In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Requires Relaxation:

If you are so busy running your business that you don't take time to do what relaxes you, then you are robbing yourself of new ideas that your subconscious wants to reveal.

Worry and stress hinders your subconscious, but you can free its creativity by relaxing. So what relaxes you?

I relax best outside in nature so when I need a creative idea, I just walk outside and enjoy natural surroundings. The wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing, or watching a squirrel gathering acorns put be at ease. Often I get a creative solution to a concern in just minutes after walking outside.

What helps you to relax? Is it listening to music, going for a walk, meditating. Then take time to do it. By enabling your conscious mind to relax, you enable your subconscious to communicate creative ideas to your conscious self.

Another method to free your subconscious mind and generate ideas is to tell it that you need creative ideas for ____. Then let your concern go and drift to sleep. Your subconscious will work on it while you sleep.

If you've never attempted to channel your subconscious mind before, it may take you awhile to get the ideas you seek. But be prepared with paper and pencil to write down the idea because it will eventually come if you continue the process.

When that creative idea comes to you, write it down immediately. Otherwise, you may not remember it once your conscious mind takes control the next day. Thus, the idea will be lost again.

You need every advantage in this competitive market environment so let your subconscious generate ideas for you. It will be the least expensive and one of the most productive workers you'll ever have.

In This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Using Interaction:

The interacting process has long been accepted as a good idea-generating technique. From biblical times to the present mastermind trend, you'll find that many tactics for creating good marketing ideas include the interaction of two or more people.

Mastermind groups build from this principle, as do retreats, group brain storming, and even counseling.

Sometimes, all it takes to use an interaction process, is to have someone listen to your concern. As you tell the other person about it, you often reveal potential solutions that were just waiting to come forth.

It's also a good idea to involve people across your business, especially when the concern affects them all. Because marketing is basic to your business and because everyone is on the receiving end of much marketing, everyone will likely have ideas to contribute. But you need to insure that the environment is safe for them to do so.

n This Competitive Market Environment, Idea Generation Using Integration:

The third major way to generate more and better marketing ideas is through integration.

If you scope out what marketing tactics are being used in other industries and by other businesses, you'll find a wealth of marketing ideas. Many of these can be easily integrated into your business. You just have to know where to look.

You can discover new marketing ideas at business meetings of organizations like the Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to arrive early enough or stay late for mixers and informal visitation times. You often learn more just talking to other business owners than you do from the speakers.

Integration also includes swipe files. Anytime you see an advertisement, get a direct mail promotion, or pickup a publication that you find effective, save it in your swipe file. Then take out this file when you need marketing ideas.

Don't just duplicate what's in your swipe file, but use the items to spur your own creative marketing solutions. Your not actually stealing it unless you duplicate it.

You need all the help you can get in this competitive market environment. With more businesses marketing, it gets harder and harder to generate new marketing ideas. So you should use whatever you find that heightens your creativity.

Concluding Remarks

You need to use all three methods of idea generation to assure that your marketing stays fresh. If you use integration, interaction, and relaxation tactics in this competitive market environment, idea generation is doable.
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Linda P. Morton, Ed.D., APR, is Professor Emeritus, Oklahoma University. For more great marketing ideas, see her blog at Market Segmentation Blog. You can get her free ebook at Marketing Your Small Business.
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