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Podcasts Made Simple

Apr 22, 2008
Podcasts can be an effective tool for marketing your company. Knowing how to create your own podcasts can launch your website and your business into even greater success than you currently experience. The key to podcasts benefiting your business is to make sure you start out with your goals in mind.

First think about how many podcasts you would like to create per month. Make a list of podcast topics and make sure you have enough to fill a substantial fifteen to thirty minute broadcast. You may find that you have more or less information to share than you originally thought.

It is wise to subscribe to other podcasts and listen to many before you attempt to record your own. Choose the most popular ones to get an idea of what you should try and duplicate in yours to make it just as successful. Tailor it to your particular audience and strive to provide advice and helpful tips.

Listening to as many different podcasts as you will give you an idea of what you might like to do with yours. Subscribe to your competitors' podcasts and also others outside your market sector. Companies that sell different products, but who cater to the same niche might give you innovative ideas about how to market to your prospects.

The actual production of podcasts requires a computer with a microphone and recording software. When you have created your podcast, you need to post a link on your website making it available for download. You also must add it to any distributors you use as soon as possible.

For some, the steps to starting a podcast seem too challenging to attempt on their own. In this case, find a guide to the technological aspects of podcasting. Better yet, contact someone who has done it before and can guide you through the process.

Use podcasts to enhance your current marketing strategy. If you are considering an e-book you can try out some material on a podcast and watch for the reaction. If certain podcasts seem popular this can give you an idea of how successful your e-book might be.

Practically every business owner is looking to drive up website traffic and podcasts are a great way to this. As more people subscribe to your podcasts through RSS feeds, your ratings improve with search engines. If you have enough quality information to share, they will also entice people to visit your website for other solutions as well.
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