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Polygraph Examiner - The 2 Important Things You Must Do Before Becoming A Polygraph Examiner

Apr 22, 2008
The Criminal Justice System offers many exciting career paths for individuals who are interested in working closely with the Federal and State Government systems. One of the most popular career choices is the Polygraph Examiner.

Polygraph Examiners are responsible for executing polygraph testing and interpretation. They may do so in the line of a criminal, and/or civil investigation.

These individuals work with many different kinds of devices in order to obtain and interpret the results that they obtain when performing in the line of duty. Here, you will find out the 2 important things that you must do before becoming a Polygraph Examiner.

1. Polygraph Examiner Training:

The educational requirements that are required in order to conduct work as a Polygraph Examiner may vary according to the State in which you reside, and/or will work. Generally, though, experience in investigations is preferred and will give you an advantage over other applicants for the job.

You will usually be required to have training in an accredited Criminal Justice Academy, as well as a college background that is complete with a certificate and/or degree. The most common degree is at least an associate degree in law enforcement, policing, or criminal justice.

In addition to this, individuals who are interested in this career should receive specialized training in Polygraph Administration and Examinations. Examples of the coursework that may have to be completed prior to being accepted into this line of work in the Criminal Justice field include:

* Psychophysiology

* Polygraph Instrumentation and Strategy

* Interviewing

* Various Forms of Interpretation

* Law and Ethics Associated with the Criminal Justice System and the Polygrapher

* Investigation Techniques

* Computer Education

2. Polygraph Examiner Skills:

There are many basic skills the Polygraph Examiner must have. If you are interested in pursuing this career, it is absolutely vital that you have these skills or plan on acquiring them. Below are some of the most basic skills that you will be required of you:

1. It is important that you know and understand how to set up the equipment, as well as the individual, for the examination. Failure to do these the right way, could corrupt the examination.

2. You must conduct interview in an appropriate manner. Interviews must be recorded in one fashion or another in order to properly interpret the results of the examination.

3. Profiling is an essential skill when it comes to polygraph testing.

4. You must be able to analyze the data that you have obtained from the testing. It is also important to evaluate the results that you have received from the polygraph test.

Here, you have been introduced to the 2 most important things that you must do before becoming a Polygraph Examiner in a Law Enforcement Agency. If you are looking for an exciting career in Criminal Justice, you should look into the Polygraph Examiner profession! It will be a good idea to do more research before starting this career. You should do so by visiting websites which cover the profession in more detail.

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