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Utilizing Employee Performance Reviews

Aug 17, 2007
Employees must be monitored and evaluated periodically to ensure that the management is aware of their performance as well as to suggest improvements when needed. When the employees are monitored and know that their performance will be appraised, they usually put in their best efforts to do the job assigned to them well. Thus, employee performance reviews are an integral motivation and management tool as they determine if a raise or promotion is due or if a person who has not been performing well consistently will be fired. These evaluations are necessary to increase communication, make clear what is expected of an employee, motivate them to perform better, improve their performance and make sure deserving employees are adequately rewarded.

In order to conduct employee performance reviews, the management must appoint a qualified person, who is knowledgeable about the employees' job. Determine if there are ways to improve employee performance and suggest those improvements in such a way as to motivate the employee. Be capable of making the hard decision if the employee is costing the business money and fire that employee.

How To Conduct Employee Performance Reviews
The employee performance reviews must be valid, related to the job, be done after analyzing the job carefully, be in a standardized format, and unbiased with regard to race, sex, and color. The employees must be given the right to present something contrary to a bad review by presenting evidence that proves the review wrong. The employees also must be able to talk freely with the person, who conducted the review.

Employee performance reviews must include the name of the employee, job description, date when the appraisal was conducted, time between which it was conducted, the performance dimensions, how they are evaluated for each criteria, comments about their performance in each dimension, suggestions how they can improve, and signatures of the employee and the reviewer.

You must conduct employee performance reviews periodically and make sure the employees are familiar with the way the review is to be conducted. These reviews must be fair, improve relationships, and not have a negative impact on a good employee who unjustly received a bad review. The review must help the employee as well as the employer get a clear idea about an employee's performance and bring improvements by good suggestions from the reviewer. These are essential management tools and you must use them to guide employees such that they put in their best efforts to make sure the business reaches it target goals in an accelerated, well-coordinated fashion. The employees with bad reviews should feel motivated to do their best, as their faults were correctly pin pointed. They should feel that they must make the necessary changes according to the suggestions of the reviewer. Employee performance reviews are essential for a business to get maximum performance from the employees.

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