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Are Affiliate Marketers All Con Artists?

Apr 22, 2008
One of the objections I frequently hear when talking with people about the opportunity available in affiliate marketing is that they don't want to make money ripping people off. They really believe that all they would be doing as affiliate marketers is pushing people into buying subpar products they don't need and won't use.

It is absolutely true that there are dishonest marketers out hyping snake oil and miracle cures, and get rich quick scams every day. It is also true that you can pick out any profession at all and find the same type scammers. There's just no way to get around the fact that many people are dishonest.

The question you've got to consider, though is - Is affiliate marketing itself dishonest? I'm here to tell you no. I know that while you are looking for an opportunity to work at home, you've probably had 50 people want money up front to let you know about the latest opportunity. I've got to tell you, that isn't what affiliate marketing is really all about.

As the economy slows down more every month, people everywhere need extra income to make ends meet. Affiliate marketing can be just the opportunity they are looking for if done correctly. You really can have an opportunity to make the money you need from that part time job, and later the money from a full time job, but still control what you do and when. Even better, you are in control of how much you make.

The key principle that you must wrap your mind around is that affiliate marketig isn't selling anything. Affiliate marketing started out as just another form of advertising for businesses which had good products but no advertising budget yet. Whoever came up with it was a genius. Now businesses of all sorts are using it to promote their products.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to find out which people need the product, locate where they are, and make sure they know about it. It is up to the business and the product to make the sales. The whole thing is really just that simple. Get your mind around that principle and the rest of the equation will fall in line.
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