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How to Benefit from Blogging

Apr 23, 2008
Most people using the internet have, in some way, been to exposed to blogs, either through personal interests or company-related issues. The term "blog" is a combination of the words "web" and "log" and refers to an online journal that helps people communicate quickly, and usually on a daily basis with an unlimited number of readers. Often they are created with the intent of simply sharing personal news with family members or friends.

Business owners can also make use of blogs to round out their internet marketing strategy. If you have ever wished you could immediately let clients or coworkers know about an important update, blogs are the perfect forum for this kind of information. It is purely much simpler to write a new blog entry every day than to create a new web page with updates.

The best feature of blogging for your business is the fast-paced nature of the scene. Updates about your company can reach your clients, prospects and employees instantly. You can also include links directly to your website from blogs, enticing people to buy your goods and services.

Another feature to consider for your business blog is affiliate marketing. Using pay-per-click ads, you sign up for a service that places ads on your web page. Every time a visitor to your page clicks on one of those ads, you earn money. The amount you make is predetermined by the company and the rules can change.

The money made from pay-per-clicks is sometimes simply used to pay for one's own ads to be placed on other blogs. The service you hire will be responsible for picking the blogs. You simply plug information into a predetermined template in most cases.

In the last few years blogs do not appear as high in the search engine results. This is because when people first began blogging, they naturally took advantage of their ability to gain a higher placement. When search engine results became a list of blogs instead of other websites, blogs were relegated to lower listings.

Another danger in blogging for business is the tendency to write as one would speak. This can lead to a very unprofessional looking blog, which can turn customers off in an instant. Blog readers also have come to expect new content often, which means you may end up devoting more time than you had originally planned to writing updates.

If you have the time to spend on creating new content on a regular basis, consider blogging for your business. Keep your name in front of clients, prospects, and industry contacts with well-written posts. If you have useful knowledge to share, it will help people remember you as a reliable person in your industry, and possibly lead to more business.
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