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The Commute To Fort Mcmurray Isn't Fun

Apr 23, 2008
I've been driving up Highway 63 for four years now. I've seen accidents and even deaths on my commute from Calgary to the northern city of Fort Mac. Why do we do it? In a word, money. As an electrician, I can make ok money at home, working 40 hours a week in Calgary doing electrical work. But in Fort McMurray working in the oil and gas industry, my take-home pay more than doubles.

But is the extra cash in the bank worth it? Some people think so. But I was spending more time away from my family than I was with them. I had a big plan for our future: make some quick cash up in the Oil Sands refineries and pay off the house. I could be debt free within five years, I figured. The Athabasca Tar Sands offers huge opportunities for someone like me with a journeyman's ticket and a desire to work hard, right? Ya, right.

Then, the money sucks you in. I saw the big houses, the trucks, the motorcycles, the quads, the snow machines, the boats. The people I was working with had all these toys. I wanted some too. So I bought a Ducati. What the heck, I figured, buy two! I'm making more money now than I ever have! So I bought a new truck, a couple new motorcycles, and a trailer to tow them. Wow did I ever get into debt. So I had to keep working. Ten, twelve, fourteen hours per day. The bills were paid, no problem. But my family life was suffering in a big way. And there wasn't even much time to enjoy the new toys.

At that point I had a brain storm. If my wife got a job in Athabasca Basin also, we could be together AND make the huge dollars. So my wife got into a trade also. She's a welder, welding up the pipe that carries the oil and gas. We bought another house up in Fort Mac. So now we had two houses, one in Calgary, one in Fort McMurray. And the cash we that was coming into our bank account was great. I thought all our problems would be solved. The money was good, we had all the toys we wanted and we were together. The only problem was that we were still working ten, twelve or even fourteen hours in a day. Nearly every day was the same routine. We barely saw each other, even though we were both living in the same house.

There had to be a better way I thought. And I've finally found it. At 35 years old, I'm on the short track to retirement with The Wealth Funnel System. Earning $5k/week part time from my computer is way better than working in the oil patch.

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About the Author
Stephen Borsy is an electrician working in the oil sands in the Fort McMurray area. Looking for a way out of the Fort Mac rat race, he found the best online marketing mentor out there, Derrick Harper and The Wealth Funnel System. Check out his website at http://www.MyEarlyRetirementPlan.com
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