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Get Traffic Using Newsletters

Apr 23, 2008
There are many ways to get traffic on-line these days. If you are just starting out on the Internet, there are a few ways to get traffic for free.However, just using these methods sometime fell like you are in "rush hour traffic." To get things flowing the way it should be, then you may need to widen the road a bit to get a better stream to flow your way. Below I will explain a few techniques to use when using Newsletters to market whatever you have to offer. Now marketing using NL is not free. In fact, many people waist their hard earned money using it because they are not following the steps needed to get the results that they are looking for.

First of all, writing Newsletters can be very risky! The reason why is because unlike other forms of advertising,let's say Pay-Per-Click for instance. You can control how much you pay based on the amount of clicks you get. But when you write a NL, you pay up front before your ad ever goes out. So no matter what the out-come, the money is gone. That is why it is more risky. To reduce the risk involved you want to do as much research as possible.

You want to first go to Google and find "Directory of Ezines" to find a list of publishers who publish Newsletters and subscribe to them. You're trying to feel the relationship between you and the publisher.If you are greeting alot of good content as a subscriber, then you might want to consider contacting them with a copy of your ad. Ask them have anyone placed an ad similar to yours recently and how do they think your ad will do with their audience.If they say that they think your ad will do well with them, then you might want to consider placing that ad their. If you get a a negative feed back don't be discouraged,they may have just saved you a few dollars.Just move on to the next publisher on your list until you find about three or four good ezines to subscribe to.You want to narrow your list down anyway because you only want to place your ad where you feel that you'll get the most bang for your bucks anyway.That's a good thing!

Lastly, you want to track everything that you do.You need to get a few domain names for each ad that you place out their. Tracking is like your eyes out their.If you're not tracking what you are doing,then you might as well not be doing nothing at all. How are you going to know which ad is profiting if you are not tracking each ad separately.There are a few companies out their where you can purchase domain names from.And all you do is forward each domain name to your landing or squeeze page.They will even show you how to do it. Now you are tracking each of your Newsletter ad to see which one is working best for you. Following these few guidelines will cut your risk substantially and you will soon reap the benefit of traffic in the fast lane.
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Truby Johnson is an Internet Network Marketer who love to help others. I look for simple ways to market on the Internet. To learn more about my system just call me at (813) 210-7395 or you can just click on the link below. Have a Blessed day http://www.theeazyway.net
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