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Apr 23, 2008
When you develop a product after people tell you what it is that they want, it takes the guesswork out of sales. Perhaps you have contemplated writing a some software for automotive repair work. You want to design it for the diy crowd and it helps with engine diagnostic and increasing fuel efficiency up to 5 mpg.

If a guy bought your software (which you haven't written yet), he could buy a cable at Radio Shack, take his computer into his garage, hook it up to his car, and the software would collect a load of data and display it on the screen. Your program would then tell the guy what to tweak in his engine.

Sounds like a great idea. But how do you know there's a market for this? You can find out if there's water in the swimming pool before you dive in. You certainly don't want to spend months writing software if nobody's going to buy it. So here's what you do:

1. Write an e-book, white paper or guide. Call it "How to Use Engine Diagnostics to Improve Your Car's Fuel Efficiency by Five Miles per Gallon." In it you tell people how to do it the hard way, the whole routine that takes you three days, including the spreadsheet and the connector from Radio Shack.

2. In Google go to the starter keyword section and gather up all the relevant major keywords on engine diagnostics.

3. Put up an ad.

DIY Engine Diagnostics

Simple Procedure Improves

Your Car-5 MPG or Better


On your landing page, you have a sales letter that tells them about your e-book. You can also follow up with a series of e-mails that talk more about this.

4. Gather ideas and feedback from your clients.

5. Whatever you do with it; sell it or give it away, with a plan. As you are marketing your ebook, you will want to move forward your objective with your clients.

6. Test your customers' response to your actual product idea. What do they say back to you? Are they interested? Do they pester you to find out when this will be available? Do they offer to pay you for it now, hoping to get first dibs on it when it comes out? If so, you know you've got a winner.

7. Market your product and watch the money roll in.

You've listened to your customers; you've put together a product in line with what they ask you for; you've proven to yourself that they're interested. Now when you give them exactly what they want, you'll make the cash register ring.
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