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Apr 23, 2008
DVD duplication systems are used by many different industries. Producing duplicated CD or DVD media for your own uses or for a client has never been easier with today's duplication systems.

Production grade DVD Duplicators are either an automated duplicator which will pick up and place the blank discs from a spindle or a manual duplicator which requires the operator to manually input and remove discs from the duplication system.

Automated is the preferred choice because you can load a spindle of discs and leave while the system duplicates your media. Automated systems use robotic arms to pick up and place the disc into the drive bays, and once duplicated removes them from the drive bays and places them on spindles. Good quality automated systems will remove bad media and place them on reject spindles.

A manual system requires you to babysit the duplicator and add and remove discs as needed. While the manual system is good for short runs of a few discs, if you have several thousand discs to duplicate, it will take a full time person operating it to get the task done.

Mediatechnics manufactures the highly popular Fusion automated DVD duplicator. Having been in the duplication industry since 1988, they have been able to incorporate customer feedback into their new systems as technology progressed. Today, they now manufacture DVD duplicators that will also mass produce blu-ray DVDs.
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Mediatechnics manufactures the Fusion line of DVD Duplicator
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