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Techniques For Unique Email Marketing Campaign Audiences

Apr 23, 2008
Email marketing campaigns are an extremely popular method of promoting the goods and services that you offer to an internet audience. Generally, this type of marketing implements the use of an email list that helps to make it easy for you to instantly reach millions of users with just a click of a button! While the email that you send in your campaign has a specific message that you want your recipients to receive, it is important to understand that the message will be perceived in many different ways. This is why it is important to consider the different designing techniques for unique email marketing campaign audiences. Here, we will expound on this very important topic.

When sending messages to millions of internet users around the world, it is important to understand that each of these individuals will interpret your message in their own, unique way. When people open emails, there are many different circumstances that may cause them to read that message differently. For example, the individual that has had a very bad day, or is limited on time may briefly glimpse over the message that you send and simply toss it if it is not considered to be of the utmost importance. Then, there are others who will actually start to look forward to the messages that you send daily. In order to appeal to different readers, you must gain an understanding of what kind of readers there are.

The following outlines the eight major types of email readers:

1. Identifier - This person looks to the subject and sender prior to opening an email addressed to them. If one or both of these items appeal to them, they will open the message.

2. Skimmer - This person will open the email, and read it. The only thing is, they will do so as quickly as possible. This person looks to see what they need to do, and are usually in a hurry.

3. Reader - This individual reads the message and takes the time to research what you have to offer. Links and other key points are extremely interesting to these individuals.

4. HTML Reader - Many enjoy reading messages that contain HTML graphics and text. However, this can prove to lack benefits for you if you send to a mobile reader or someone who does not allow HTML scripts to show in their messages.

5. Mobile Reader - This reader uses their mobile device to access the information that you have to offer.

6. Searcher - This person will save the information that you send so that they can view it later on. This is, of course, if it catches their attention.

7. Desk Reader - The desk reader is the one that you are trying to ultimately reach. This individual will take the time to research what you have to offer, click on links, and respond to your call to action.

In conclusion, if you know and understand the type of person that you are sending your emails to, you can better design that message so that it appeals to that audience. The information listed here can help you with just that!
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