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The Art Of The Internet Shuffle - Getting Your Name Out In A Congested Online World

Apr 23, 2008
There are thousands of success stories when it comes to online businesses. But what most people don't know is that there are probably just as many, if not more failures. Those who delve into the world of Internet sales without strategically analyzing the market tend to fall by the wayside and are never heard from again.

Thankfully the start-up costs of an online venture tend to be much smaller than a retail business. Many are still left on their feet, just a little rattled.

This of course should not discourage any newcomers, but instead allow them to learn from the mistakes of the entrepreneurs before them.

The reason that many people fail in this industry is that they do not realize the magnitude of the market. With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to purchase and sell goods in almost any country in the world without leaving your home.

The buying and selling market has never been larger which means that people have shorter attention spans. People searching online are apt to quickly peruse a number of websites until they find what they are looking for instead of staying on one site searching for hours.

Therefore, it is important to attract what are deemed as qualified leads to your website. A qualified lead simply means a consumer who is actively searching for something that your company offers.

There are a number of ways to attract these qualified leads to your website. The most popular and commonplace practice is using keywords. Keywords can be any set of words that directly relates to the product or service you are offering. For example, a Halloween costume designer would use keywords such as Halloween masks, children's costumes, or Cinderella costumes.

The way these keywords are used is entirely up to the person. Many decide to write articles, or hire someone to write them for them incorporating the keywords. For example, an article could be titled 'This Year's Best Halloween Costumes' and it would be spattered with your business specific keywords.

The main purpose of keywords is to generate more traffic to your website by increasing your rankings in the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The higher your search ranking, the more hits you will receive. The simple reason for this is that people are more apt to choose from the first few returns than browse the entire list of thousands of matches.

So by using keywords to attract qualified leads, you are simply helping the customer get exactly where they want to be. They have already indicated in the search engine what they are looking for, so it is up to you to ensure that your name comes up when they do.

If your online business relies mostly on attracting new customers, you are going to want to ensure that your website is attractive and readable. Research has suggested that people will stay longer on a website that is aesthetically pleasing over one that is hard on the eyes.

So it is not only important to initially attract the customer to your site through the use of keywords but to keep them there by offering a quality service at a reasonable cost. People have a lot more options to choose from these days, so it is important to stand out in as many ways as possible.
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