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Plumbing Qualifications: How Do You Get Them?

Apr 24, 2008
Plumbers have a very important job because their contribution to society involves improving public health by taking care of clean water, sanitation and heating systems. None of us can do without hot baths and central heating. Due to this, there is a great demand for skilful plumbers and thus the career prospects for plumbers are quite good. If plumbers have the right training and skills, they can move into air-conditioning ventilation, heating, refrigeration and electrical industries. There are also openings for plumbers to enter into management, design consultancy and teaching.

1. After the training and getting the proper plumbing qualifications, the pay is usually very good.

2. The work is different and you have a chance to meet different people almost every day.

3. You shall have to carry heavy tools around with you.

4. You might have to get very dirty while working, and thus, you won't be able to go out at night right after work.

5. This may not be the right job for you if you do not like paperwork.

Plumbing involves work which is connected with the condition of water supply pipe work including that used in case of fire fighting; all kinds of space heating, sanitary appliances, gas installation, weathering of buildings and structure, and discharge of drainage and pipe work.

Plumbing includes a large area of work. Some plumbers work as 'wet only plumbers; and deal with piped systems for water like shower, bathroom suites and radiator installation. Others often take extra plumbing courses and enter into the gas trade as well so that they can install a gas central heating system also. One of the necessary plumbing qualifications is to get lawfully registered with the Council of Registered Gas Installers (CORGI) after passing their Approved Certification Scheme (ACS). Plumbers need to have the required plumbing qualification irrespective of which area of the plumbing industry the wish to work in, and they also need to know the Water Regulations (Water Bylaws in Scotland) and the Building Regulations.

Qualities required by those wishing to train as plumbers:

Plumbers need the capability and the enterprise to solve problems, have a desire to know more about any advancement in plumbing technology, an imaginative mind, good judgment and the most important plumbing qualification is professionalism and honesty. Plumbing schools prefer applicants to have a GCSE grade A-C level in Maths and Science or equivalent in order to be sure that they have the mental capacity to understand and follow the plumbing course.

Being a plumber does not only involve passing several plumbing courses, it is an extremely physical job. You have to be ready to get your hands dirty, be able to use many different kinds of equipment and tools in a way which is effective but safe, and also be able to work in very cramped places such as under sinks. You have to be able to learn things fast because the professional plumbers who will take you along with them to give you work experience will allow you to make a mistake once, but never again.
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