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Success With Ebooks

Apr 24, 2008
Do you have valuable knowledge to share with others? Writing an ebook is a great way for unknown authors or experts to publish information for others to read. There are several things to know about the writing process and about marketing your ebook that will help you be more successful your first time around.

To enhance the writing process and provide you with unimpeded flow of thought, you need to set yourself up in the right environment. For example, limit checking your email to twice a day. This may be an incredibly difficult adjustment for those of us who spend hours glued to the computer for work trying to stay in touch with everything.

Set aside a certain amount of time to write each day. As often as you may hear this advice, it is the best way to make progress. Communicate to others in your household that this is not a time during which they may interrupt you. Decide if writing is even possible at home, or if you need to seek solitude in a library.

There are certain things that any author does to start the creative process. This may include snacks, music, or sitting in a particular spot. Whatever it is that you identify as your writing habit, stick to it. Your mind will automatically open up each time you begin the process.

After you have a strong working outline, start writing immediately. When you have written approximately thirty percent of your ebook, distribute some chapters via blogs or podcasts. Share it with willing members of your offline network of colleagues too. Their feedback can be valuable in helping you shape the rest of the book and in revising existing text.

Once you have written a substantial part of your ebook, you can begin to think more seriously about how it will be marketed. Start a blog and post comments on other blogs to build a reputation on the internet as an expert in your field. For some, this may mean just developing a network of people who like and respect you. They are the first ones who may buy your ebook.

Throughout this process keep track of how long it takes you to achieve each step. This will help you plan release dates. It will also tell you how much better you got at writing in the meantime. Knowing how quickly you work allows you to budget your time in the future more accurately.

Another important tip is to measure how quickly you produce your content. If you know that it takes you a week to finish a short chapter and you have 12 chapters left to write, you can figure out roughly when your ebook will be ready for editing. This will also allow you to appropriately plan your marketing strategy so it is released at the right time. If you keep a written log of all this information, you will have a general outline for any other ebooks you write next.
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