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SEO Habits Are Changing For Upcoming Businesses

Apr 24, 2008
Business that comes directly from websites, as well as internet advertising, is taking over all other forms of marketing and the competition is heavy. As a result of this many companies are increasing their budget for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes. Whereas this was often done in-house, many businesses recognise the need for this to be carried out by professionals to give them the best possible chance of beating the competition in the rankings war.

A study carried out by E-consultancy alongside neutralize - a search marketing agency - have shown that out-sourcing the SEO work and increasing spending on it, is a trend that a whopping sixty three per cent of companies intend to follow. With nine per cent of the companies surveyed spending more than 1 pounds million a year on paid search tactics and one in six investing a minimum of 50,000 pounds on SEO, this is truly big business and promises to continue growing.

Spending on internet advertising rose by thirty per cent in 2007 to 2.6 pounds billion and is head and shoulders above all other forms of advertising.

The study from E-consultancy on the SEO habits of 1,000 companies has culminated in a fifty five page report detailing company habits between February and March 2008. Apart from showing an increase in companies willing to outsource their SEO commitments, the report also shows that eighty six per cent of the organisations surveyed are paying to appear on Google's sponsored links and Yahoo's customers have jumped from forty five per cent to forty nine per cent for the same reason.

The report is good news for SEO companies but company bosses would be well advised to choose their provider carefully. Get in a cowboy company and this will do untold damage to your business, in the worst case scenario even getting your website banned from Google.

Some SEO companies will use tactics to push a website up the listings that are wholly unethical. This will bring about a temporary fix but as soon as Goggle pick up on it, your website will be dropped dramatically.

Keyword stuffing is one of the biggest issues that upsets Google and it is important that SEO companies find a balance between using the right keywords the right amount of times, leading to naturally readable content.

SEO companies hire professional writers to deal with content. Writing content for optimisation is a slightly different concept than your average writing techniques. It involves careful planning using keywords relevant to your site and finding a balance between these and the ones that are most often searched for to bring your site to the top of the rankings.

This becomes harder when the terms are generic and this is where an SEO company comes into its own. Using a combination of correctly worded meta data, well written content, linking and article writing, SEO companies will have tools at their disposal to ensure everything is specifically aimed to your site that the general company might not have.

When you know you have a product that works and a well written website it can be frustrating to not be getting the traffic from it that you think you deserve. This can be put right with efficient SEO tactics that are completely above board, that work within Google's limits and put your website higher up the listings, generating extra business for you and helping your company to thrive.

Always beware, when searching for an SEO company, that you do not fall for statements that promise to put you at the top of the search engines. Any SEO company worth your money will tell you that this is a constantly changing system and guarantees are not possible. An on-going campaign by a reputable SEO company will soon bring the results that you need.
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