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Online Data Entry Jobs : What Are The Types Of Work You Can Make Money From

Apr 24, 2008
Several types of online data entry jobs qualify well in the field of home based businesses. Here are just a few of the major job categories.

There are many different types of online data entry jobs that qualify as legitimate job opportunities and are available on the internet. Obviously, if you are using the internet to find data entry work, that qualifies as online. However, there are many different things that can be included when you use the term 'data entry'. In most instances, data entry positions do not require sophisticated equipment, education or knowledge and can quickly be implemented whenever you need a few extra dollars in your pocket. Here are some of the typical jobs that you might encounter as a freelance person.

Upgrading data base information

Large and detailed databases often contain fields that must be upgraded periodically. Some of these fields require individual entry of information. These online data entry jobs consist of revising an address or telephone number for example. This type of data base work is not as common as some of the other types nowadays, since anything typed into a computer or online field can be recaptured electronically and doesn't have to be considered data entry in that instance.

Preparing lists

Anything that involves placing written communication into a database requires data entry. Online data entry jobs might require compiling a list of names and addresses from a rebate form filled out by hundreds or thousands of consumers. This sort of work would be fairly routine, with the only difficulty in reading poor or illegible handwriting. Rebates or refund lists, contact lists filled out at a trade fair booth, voting registration information--these are the types of list preparation jobs that a person might accept. If a high degree of accuracy is needed, then the list can be compiled by two different people and then a merge file is created that points out discrepancies.

Secretarial type typing and editing

Another type of the online data entry jobs is that of typing letters, reports and memos. This can be done directly online, such as with an email correspondence. It may also be carried out from audio or video dictation or podcasts. Secretarial data entry requires a much higher attention to details and accuracy. It is expected that the data entry person serving in a secretarial role will be able to accurately spell and punctuate the words used. As with other types of data entry jobs editing, rewriting and correcting another's work is another type of editing or revision work.

Catalog descriptions

A more specialized type of online data entry jobs have to do with catalog creating. Whether you are writing about books or shoes, a person who can express tidbits of information in an otherwise dull and boring presentation will be successful. Granted, some products are more difficult to bring to life than others. The data entry person in this instance may work by the description, or by a certain number of words in the item. It can be grueling work to try to think of many different ways to describe a particular item so that it appears different from another place of very similar design.
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