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Using Articles As Marketing Tools

Apr 24, 2008
Nowadays, every business has a website and is being advertised through Internet marketing. Online marketing tools require a lot less time and effort than traditional marketing tools and since Internet users often search the web for information, the tools are programmed to respond quickly and target potential customers.

Though it is traditionally used in print methods, such as newspapers and, writing articles can still be an incredibly useful tool on the Internet. This content can help to boost a business' website ratings and bring the site higher in search engine listings, which will automatically increase the amount of traffic going in and out of the website. The more customers who see a site, the more sales a business will have, whether or not you're selling a product or a service.

The content, which is more likely than not a typical web article, should contain keywords and be search engine optimized so that the site is listed as high as possible on search engines. It should contain important information about the company and the services offered as well as how these services or products can be useful to potential customers. Though it's important that the keywords are visible so that the website will generate more traffic, the article should not be overridden with obvious marketing techniques and should be interesting and captivating to a potential customer. Like any article in a magazine or newspaper, a consumer can stop reading at any point if they become bored and disinterested.

Perhaps even more important than the writing of the actual article is the writing of the headline. A headline is what grabs a consumers attention and makes them decide whether or not they even want to read your article and continue with your website. A headline needs to be catchy and interesting so that a customer is eager to read the rest of the article and find out what this headline, a brief preview of the content, is all about.

Articles are effective marketing tools because, unlike other methods of Internet marketing, such as pop-up advertisements, you can really connect with a potential customer and allow them to become familiar with your business and services. Articles can be used several times and in several different places on the web. You can post the content on your website, email it to subscribers or potential customers, and even list it in article directories so that more users know that it's there.

By publishing articles online, businesses can let customers know that they are an expert in the services they're providing, utilize the resource box for free advertising, increase their profits through an increase of sales and gain from affiliate marketing. Using keywords within an article, businesses can raise their rankings on search engines, such as Yahoo or Google, and attract more high quality user traffic to their website. The more potential customers that visit your website, the more who will read your article and the more who will buy your products or services.
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