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Managing Your PPC - The Little Differences

Apr 24, 2008
A headline is just the start of converting a potential customer to your customer. You can still show him that you have what he needs. You can still get more clicks. Here is where you let the salesman inside you come out to play.

Note the seemingly insignificant differences between these two ads:

Popular Ethernet Terms

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Complex Words-Simple Definitions


0.1% CTR

And then:

Popular Ethernet Terms

Complex Words-Simple Definitions

3 Page Guide-Free PDF Download


3.6% CTR

The second ad got 36 times the number of clicks as the first! What happened? What was the secret? Look closely at the two ads. They both have the exact same wording. There's only one difference between them. What is it?

The first ad listed features and offers first, benefits second. The second ad listed benefits first. This secret of PPC management is just as true in long-copy print advertising as in those little thumbnail Google ads.

Features and offers are what your product has or what you're going to do. They describe it, what it includes, and how big or small or robust or thorough it is.

But then benefits list what any advantages there are emotionally, what does a buyer get from using the product.

The feature list for an e book may include things like:

12 timeless principles

24 chapters, 222 pages of rock-solid content

49 beautiful color photographs

Easily understood charts and graphs

Step by step instruction

Fascinating stories, anecdotes, and personal experiences

An intro by Lee Iacocca


On the other hand, when you list your benefits, you let your customer know exactly how what you have written can benefit them. There may be some points that fall in the gray area between benefits and features:

See a 38 percent gain in as little as 40 minutes.

You can apply any one of these 12 techniques immediately, and see instant results.

Kick Start Energy Levels, Change Fat to Muscle, Promote Vitality and Longevity at the same time.

Discover how making more mistakes along the way becomes a strategy in itself that will grow your skill level even faster.

Get compliments from your friends as they ask you again and again (jealously), "What has happened to you?"

Trying to fit all this content into one little Google ad is not possible. However the concept of splitting the ideas into groups of benefit and feature is a sound one.

Your Google ad is about benefits (emotional payoffs) more than anything else. And when you describe benefits and features both, it virtually always serves you to put benefits first.

In the world of PPC management you don't have to be a poet or a master copywriter to convince your customer that he or she will get something of value. State your case simply and clearly, and test to see if putting the benefits up front and the features second will boost your response.
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