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How to Market Yourself Online as a Freelancer

Apr 24, 2008
When people set out to become freelancers they usually have a general idea of what services they would like to provide. Many people do not put enough thought into how they will advertise these services, however. Knowing how to sell yourself as a freelancer online will make or break your business.

Next find out about all the ways you can market yourself on the internet. Keep in mind that while it is difficult to gain momentum at first, you will soon have a small client base. When you have some income you will be less vulnerable as a freelancer and can be more selective about which jobs you take.

Some obstacles to beginning freelancers include not knowing how much to charge for their services and not actually getting paid. First, join both local and national organizations in your particular field. They can provide sample rate sheets and put you in contact with legal help if you should need it.

Focusing on the right way to advertise your services is another challenge for new freelancers. If you are offering exclusively online services, your marketing should be almost one hundred percent on the web too. If not, your internet marketing plan should mesh well with any print or other media ads you design.

One of the first and most important considerations, is your website. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need and they will be more likely to call hire you. Use professionals for the job if necessary.

Give customers the chance to see how professionally you operate. This may mean hiring a web designer and a content writer for your web page. If you plan on selling some type of internet service, it is especially important to invest in a great website.

After you have considered your image via the graphics and colors you choose, be sure to include the specific services you provide. Include a simple list of what you have done in the past and your academic credentials, if appropriate. You may even want to consider outsourcing your web design if you can't pull it off alone.

After you have a solid marketing strategy in place and have decided how you will price your work, seek to connect with other freelancers on a regular basis. Staying in touch with what is said about certain companies online may help you avoid falling into common traps where you don't get paid. In the end, although it is challenging, take comfort in the fact that you are making something for yourself and on your own terms.
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