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The Data Centre Solution Guide

Apr 24, 2008
No company can go without having data centres to fall back upon. These have become an essential part of any company, which acts as a safety net should anything go wrong. Companies have become very vigilant and protective over the amount of data they hold, seeing that there are legal issues and requirements to be aware of if any of these were to be released. Furthermore, they act as an important piece of technology for the smooth running of in-house data systems.

Data centres have been an integral part of the business world since the early 1980's, especially since computer technology has advanced over the years. The problem to begin with was the amount of computers needed to make it possible to store the required amount of data information. Older computers were more expensive, larger and required a cooling system, as they very easily would become overheated.


Many of the earlier computers were used for military purposes, during this period it was not very common to own a personal computer. Large computers such as these were founded in special rooms that required a high amount of security and plenty of maintenance. The fact that data centres would consume a lot of energy and power, made it even more difficult to store the data information without jeopardising the way the systems worked.

Data centres became more popular during the dot.com bubble, whereby computers were being deployed in various different companies. In addition demands for a higher internet connection was demanded from each of these companies, which further proved it necessary to build their own data centre facility. Many of the smaller companies however, were unable to install such large systems.

Therefore, more businesses began opening their own Internet Data Centre, which helped to handle the huge scale of data information from the larger organisations. This then followed onto building private data centres as this was far more practical and easier to maintain.

These days, a data centre is kept under a strict environment, which is why the design and construction of one is now perceived as an accredited discipline. They can take up one or more rooms, or even an entire building depending upon the scale of the data storage. Some smaller companies have a separate room for storing all of their data information; other larger companies have a separate building especially designed for data centre solutions.

A normal data centre building is kept under strict conditions, which include the level of air conditioning in each room (vital for keeping systems cool), backup power, where each system is placed on the floor, fire prevention and physical security. These days a data centre building is becoming more energy efficient, by reducing use of air conditioning and increasing the use of individual cooling fans to keep the systems from overheating.
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Anna Stenning has performed in depth research on data centres, as she is aware of how important this is for many companies.
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