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Steps To Prosperity And Success

Apr 24, 2008
Prosperity and abundance become a natural call to our desire. But the question arises, what would you do if you are given the opportunity? Would you fulfill your career /vocational wish, or buy a house to live in peace, fulfill some incomplete relationship, or go for money?

This depends on the personality that suits you the most. Things may be something else as well. But the key factor remains in achieving that abundance. Otherwise the same story repeats again and again- dream and constant secret wish converted into frustration after a point of time. Don't be disappointed. The proverb goes "if there is a will, there is a way". The ways are as below; find out whether you have the will within you to follow those ways:

i. What is this Law of Attraction?
Hey lo! Don't skip. This is not a scientific theory, followed by an annoyingly lengthy formula. This law has been set on account of constant observation and experience. Display yourself and you will be displayed to the world. Don't you feel that? Abraham Hicks expresses it properly, "You attract whatever you give your attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted."

So whenever you are out there with any dynamism and curiosity, you are paid back. For example, you talk to any person about anything, and if he/she reacts, your dialogue is automatically recorded in the web of rumor. Whatever we do, we are displayed to the world, and the reactionary attraction is there. (Remember Newton's Third Law). And the knowledge of this will help you manifesting yourself insistently, and attracting things, you want or not, that would you in abundance.

Try to know that, and the next thing is, you are automatically updated.

ii. The things paid attention are rewarded to you:
This is the subsequence of the Law of Attraction. Whenever you have certain things in mind that you want to materialize at any cost, your focus is rewarded. There is no mystery or luck in it. You perform anything honestly working hard; you are bound to be paid back positively. Can't you relate to that, remembering any episode of your life where success came to you doorstep owing to your sincerity?

Equally strong is the concept of moving away and being unrewarded. If you seriously feel that you are not able to do certain things, you lose the confidence every time, and follow the step of negligence and secret frustration. For example, if a footballer believes that he cannot score in a penalty, due to the previous failing attempts, the chances of materializing that becomes lesser. And another failed attempt leads him to more diffidence.

If you tend to move away from something, it is because of this frustration. Any work related to that will only bring in your mind the images of failure.

Thus, don't lose your level of energy and confidence by trying something you don't have complete faith in. Or do try them with true attention. You've got it, man!

iii. Confused?
No, not on my words! They are pretty clear. Are you confused of what you want? This is the most important part of life. We waste a considerable part of our life running after things that do not suit us. Shake off these confusions, and clear your head. Go to a quiet place, give yourself time, and find out what you need the most at present. You can set your long-time dreams. But you need to be judicious while acting upon that. Make step-by-step decisions and accord them with proper durations. Perhaps a meditation would do.

Be clear what you are trying to attract to. Always question yourself, "how would I get close to prosperity?" You might be at stake in anything (shortage of money, problems in relationships, profession, etc.); you need to concentrate on the basics. The ways you followed, and the mistakes you committed.

You are on the verge of having reparation or a lesson.

iv. Be positive:
Throughout the negative news, showered on TV, newspapers, or everyday rumors, the crux of which lies on spreading disturbing news, the very attitude of remaining positive is lost.

On any incident, the fear of risk and negativity comes promptly. Its result is that you lost the capability of appreciating things that you are gifted with.

If you open up your potential to the world, forget the past failure, and have faith in yourself, the near future is yours. Bring out what you appreciate in life; you will visualize so many opportunities moving around you. And you can select the path you want. Act positively in trying times. The attitude tells the story.

v. Pronounce affirmations repeatedly:
Del Karnegi, a famous human-mind reader, used to say that you need to pronounce repeatedly what you want. And say that you can get this. Telling things of your desire to others will give you the will to fulfill that, may be out of shame. But once you do that successfully, you are a lot more confident.

If you record your positive attitude, avoid reluctant appeal such as "will see it afterwards", and believe you are only a step behind your goal, none can resist you from achievement.

First decide, and then take the initiative. Your rusty brain would soon act like a fertile one, steeped in positive information. Stated affirmation of your demand works as a catalyst to the gathering of abundance and prosperity.

These steps do not lead you to any technical proficiency of gaining. They are no theoretical postulations to sharpen your mind. They are only a way to know you and your desires properly. Rediscover yourself. If you learn to know you, can abundance and prosperity, mere human attributions, be far behind?
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