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How to Determine a Reliable Wholesale Distributor?

Apr 24, 2008
The number of people who are making a living out of reseller business is increasing significantly these days. There is a sharp increase in the number of people who are now working on an online auction forums such as eBay. It is thus important that in such a business, you have a wholesaler who is reliable and is professional. It is important that the consumers get their goods on time and it is also important that your wholesalers deliver the best quality merchandise.

Most of the resellers rely on the internet to find them the wholesalers. Online drop ship wholesalers understand the working method on the internet and thus are a better choice. Here we have for you 5 tips by which you can find your ideal wholesaler online.

1. Short listing.
Do a simple search of your product with the words drop shipping, drop ship wholesale, wholesale distributors etc, the idea is to use the term wholesaler or dropshipper as prefix or suffix to the product that you want to sell. For example if you are planning to deal in hand phone accessories, then you can type in "hand phone accessories wholesaler" or "hand phone accessories distributor". This should give you a list of wholesalers. But this not all that you have to do, you should do a simple search of the words wholesalers and drop shippers and read the posts on forums, start checking out the wholesalers who are frequently mentioned.

2. Check out eBay.
Most probably you will find that someone is already selling the items that you are about to sell you can spend some money and order the product from your competitor. This way you can easily trace the manufacturer and make contacts with him.

3. Wholesale directory.
You can find online directories that have done a detailed research on drop ship wholesale retailers. They do their research, conduct interviews and also attend trade shows to search for the potential wholesale dropshippers who can be included in their directories. The advantage that you can avail out of these directories is that you can find out the lowest whole sale process without paying anything extra such as middlemen charges. It is also important that you should realize that not all wholesales are on the net, there are also many others who are not on the list but could prove to be a good wholesaler for your business.

4. Classified ad sites.
You can also search the classified ad sites such as the Craig list and the US Free ads. These are the places where you will find sellers that are selling products. All you need to do is to find a seller who is selling a product similar to the one that you are selling. Incase the seller is selling the product at a cheaper price then there are chances that he has a wholesaler who quotes a lower price. You can order the same product to get hold of the address and the contact number of the dropshipper. You do not always get the number and address of the dropshipper, but most of the dropshippers do include it in as prevention in case the goods are lost in transit.
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