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The Wonder of High Speed Internet

Apr 24, 2008
As i sit here, in front of my computer, I can't help thinking about where I'd be with out it, or my high speed internet connection for that matter. You see I use my computer every day for work as well as for recreation and communication.

It's safe to say that the majority of us have embraced the age of computers. Life without them at this point looks bleak. Then again, it wasn't long ago when we first discovered the web and dial-up service. Yikes, I shudder at the thought of those old days.

By now everyone has heard the noise. That irksome, screechy connection noise that occurs when you tap into the Internet via a phone line. I personally despise that darn sound. And it's not just because the noise itself is atrocious and hard on the ears. It's the negative memories that go along with it. Yeah, I had dial-up connection before high speed Internet service became available. And just like many others, I hated it.

You see, the problem wasn't only how slow the web pages loaded or your email sent; it was the fact that you could get kicked off at any given time. This doesn't occur with cable high speed Internet service. But with that pesky dial-up I was booted out of cyberspace on a regular basis.

I would lose the connection every time someone in my house used the telephone, or when to many customers were using the service.

It seems that I was using a very popular dial up internet service, because I would get kicked out many time a day, ususally while doing something important on my computer. It got frustrating having to keep re-writing emails over and over.

Wireless high speed internet has made those days a distant memory. Now we can get online pretty much anywhere.

I don't what the future has in store for us, when it comes to high speed internet, but as long as I don't have to put up with the hassles of dial up then I am one happy bunny!
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