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Article Marketing Makes Huge Profits

Apr 24, 2008
Right now, the most explosive way to make money on Internet sales is with article marketing. There must be a few thousand article directories online right now trying to cash in on this boom market. There also must be over a zillion articles in all of the directories combined, but this is not stopping this Internet method of making money.

Article writing is perhaps the most popular way to provide information to people and try to sell a product at the same time. Simply put, if you want to have your product or service given lots of exposure on the Internet, writing articles and submitting them to article directories will get you the exposure you want.

Many people jump on board when it comes to Internet marketing, including large online businesses, affiliate marketers or network marketers. These people are utilizing articles to get people to come to their websites. In fact, this isn't a difficult process if you understand it. If you have a product or service, or if you want to market one, simply write articles about it. Your articles need to be informative, and that information must be relevant to your market. For example, if you market dog food, write some articles about how substandard and nutritionally poor national brand dog foods are, and why this is a problem. When you write your articles, give specific and compelling information, then provide a solution via the food you sell; in this way, consumers will be much more likely to go to your website and buy your product, thus providing a healthy diet for their pets.

Once you've written your articles, you can submit them to many article directories. You can submit it for indexing. From there, Yahoo, Google and other search engines will index that particular article directory site. When this occurs, your article becomes a part of this site and gets into the search engines so that people can find them. Therefore, when someone is looking for information about a particular subject, in your case healthy dog food, your article will come up. At that, the search engine visitor can click on your link to read your article. With every article, you should provide a link at the bottom of it so that people can visit your website and buy your particular dog food. What you hope, of course, is that the reader will click on your link, go to your website, and buy some dog food, as well as other products you might be selling that are related, such as dog toys. This is just one way businesses can make money by using article marketing to help direct sales.

One of the main objectives for anyone that is writing articles for submission to the article directories is to have their articles show up with high rankings in the major search engines. If your articles are only showing up on the second page of Google, then hardly anyone will see your valuable information. If you are going to be a great article writer, then you need to learn SEO, search engine optimization. This is not as hard to learn as it might sound.

There is an Internet full of free information about how to use keywords correctly and what the search engines base their objectives for ranking are. You could be the next Stephen King of article writers, but no one will find you if you do not learn the basics of SEO. Once you have learned what Google is looking for, you are pretty much on your way. SEO is not rocket science like so many others believe it to be. Keywords, relevancy and some talent at writing. This is SEO's general idea.

Are you ready to begin writing articles to submit to your favorite article directory or several? This type of article writing is a bit different than those you might read in a magazine, for example. Internet articles should not be shorter than 500 words or longer than 1200 words, in general. In addition, you must make sure your content is relevant to what you want to sell. If you're marketing dog food, for example, make sure that's what you focus on, including the title. Don't also try to include discussion on cats' diets, for example. This will make it much less likely that your article is going to be found. Make your subject matter focused and relevant.

To make money on Internet article marketing is not difficult at all, but knowing your market and the product you are trying to sell will mean everything. This is where most people fail at article writing. If you know your product and your market inside and out, then you will be that expert article writer that everyone is reading.
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