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Keith Wellman - An Internet Marketing Critical Review

Apr 24, 2008
I recently came across a gentleman called Keith Wellman, and I was very interested in what he had to share. However, I must admit there was some skepticism as I had never heard of Keith Wellman before, so I decided that I would have to figure things out first to see if what he had to say is valid.

We can all agree that most of us who take on any venture online want to make money. The question that arises is, how best can we do this so as achieve worthwhile results? Keith Wellman may have great intentions but, it is always important to find out for yourself how any system works, then you can apply it. Nothing against Keith Wellman, of course, I just like to investigate and logic things out.

Keith Wellman talks about building a list, while that sounds great, I decided to draw up two scenarios or business models. The first one we will call example A. Example A does affiliate marketing and wants to make money quickly without having to do a lot of work. So he puts up a website with good content linking into his favorite merchant who he then pre-sells pretty well.

Of course, to make money quickly he needs traffic, so he goes to Google and starts using Adwords to drive traffic to his site. His merchant's sales page is quite good and converts at 3%, and since he did a good job on pre-selling, 50% of the traffic that land on his web page click through to the merchant.

So out of every hundred visitors, fifty click through so he needs to send in 200 hundred visitors to make three sales. When he makes a sale, he gets paid $25.00. His traffic cost .25 cents per click and for 200 hundred clicks he pays $50. So he makes a profit of $25 after 200 hundred visitors have gone through the system. By the way, all these numbers are hypothetical just to show an example.

So out 200 visitors that visited his site, 100 disappeared and out of 100 that clicked through to the merchant, 97 disappeared also and three bought a product. Example B, on the other hand, sets up a squeeze page. In his case, he sends 200 visitors through his page and let's say for the heck of it he only gets 50 customers out of 200 visitors to sign up on his list. Once they sign up, they are immediately redirected to the sales page of his merchant.

Granted he would have to send 400 visitors to get three sales which would cost him $100 and he would only have made $75.00. But now he has 100 hundred people on a list that are interested in this kind of product and he can sell to them time and time again.

He can sell this product or any other product related to it. He could also do a joint venture as his list grows. When it comes to building a serious business online, you must start thinking long term. So you tell me which example is better over time.

This is where I knew the proof was in the pudding with reference to Keith Wellman, and furthermore, for what he is giving you, it's a no brainer. You see, I always recommend that you think things out for yourself rather than be told what to do.

When you understand it for yourself, your ability to implement any technique or method is vastly improved. Beyond that, example A has no customers and has spent $50.00, plus he lost 200 visitors and has nothing to show for it except $25.00 profit, not bad because he made money - but not good in terms of leveraging over time.

So rather than trying to convince you of anything, figure it out for yourself, then you too will understand what you need to do to build a real business online. Keith Wellman will give you everything you need to learn this system inside out and have a business you can be proud of.
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