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Article Marketing - 5 Tips For A Massive Income

Apr 24, 2008
Did you know you can make a massive income online, just by writing articles? "Article marketing", which is basically writing articles which act as advertising, is popular online. If you can write articles, you're golden.

So let's look at five tips which will help you to turn your skill at writing articles into cash.

1. Write articles to promote affiliate products

One of the easiest ways to make money with your articles is to use them to promote affiliate products. When you're promoting such products, you make a commission from every sale which was made via your link.

When you're writing to make an affiliate sale, don't write a "sales" article - you're not trying to sell directly from the article. Write an informative article, or a review.

The amount of money you make writing articles for affiliate products depends on the number of (good) articles you can write each day.

2. Offer an article writing service

We all see thousands of advertisements a day. They're everywhere we look. We're force-fed advertising online, on TV, and on radio. This makes us deaf and blind to advertising.

However, articles cut through the noise. Articles are useful, so we're not blind to them: this makes article marketing a perfect solution for clever marketers to advertise their wares.

Since articles do work well, many marketers are looking for people to write articles for them.

If you offer an article writing service, you will soon have more buyers than you can handle.

All you need to set up your service is a small Web site. Promote your site using... you guessed it, article marketing.

3. Create an article writing schedule

This is all well and good - you can make money writing articles. However, you need to be able to get the articles written in a timely manner. This means scheduling your article writing, and getting them written.

The more you write, the more income you can make, so schedule your article writing each day.

4. Turn your articles into reports and ebooks

Once you get into the swing of article writing, your articles will mount up. You've got hundreds (and over time, thousands) of articles on your hard drive. Don't let them languish there. Use them.

A tip: if you write articles for others and get paid, the copyright passes to them, because your articles are "work done for hire". You can't repurpose those article - don't reuse them, because you no longer have the right to do that.

However, you can certainly repurpose any articles you've written for yourself: you retain the copyright, and you can turn your articles into reports and ebooks to either give away, use as a promotion, or to sell.

5. Create a membership site from your articles

Enthusiasts love getting fresh, timely information on their passion. So once you've written a batch of articles on a topic which has eager readers, consider creating a membership site for them. As you write new articles on the topic, post them to the membership site.

What topics make good membership sites? Just about any topic which has magazines which service those enthusiasts. Consider topics like knitting, golf, home maintenance and repair, beauty tips - the possibilities are endless.

So there you have five tips which will help you to make a great income from article marketing. Start writing today.
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