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How To Make Contact With Prospects For A Network Marketing Business

Apr 24, 2008
From the very first contact, the network marketer has to make a very good impression on the prospect. It is very surprising that very few network marketers still do not realize that the prospects will be joining them and not their business opportunities. How the initial messages are conveyed will determine whether or not the prospects will persue the offers which are made by the network marketers.

You must avoid appearing as a desparate marketer, but instead concentrate on being a smart marketer. You must not put your needs first but instead focus on the needs of the prospect. The smart marketer will always plan the initial contact first so that he or she can find a good solution for the prospect before the first contact takes place.

The first step is the first meeting or telephone conversation. However, at this point, you still need to make a good impression on the prospect. Here are some useful tips on how to go about implementing this task:

-When introducing yourself, always make a proper introduction. Ask if this is the right time for them. When the initial introduction is completed, then

-You will need to establish why the prospect wants to do business with you, their wants and desires. You will also need to establish what time frame the prospect has set to achieve these wants and desires.

-You will need to listen to their responses. Preferably, you should write them down.

-When you ask questions and the prospect answers them, you should avoid interrupting the prospect. Always remember that this is about them. Before you ask any other questions, wait until they have finished speaking and pause briefly before asking other questions.

There are things that you must not do when you make your initial contact with your prospects. Many new recruits are so excited about their new opportunities that the first prospect is already placed in the downline before they have ever spoken to the prospect. The other mistake is that you tell your prospects that you are in the best company which has the best products and the best compensation plan. The problem with this is that you run the risk that you will be viewed as someone who is desperate to sign them up at any cost. You will also run the risk that you will come across as someone who has no interest in their needs but only yours.

The intial contacts should be a short . The main object of the first meetings is to determine what is important to the prospects and then leave them with some information to go over before the next appointment.
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