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The Secrets Of Finding Success In Network Marketing

Apr 24, 2008
There might be many secrets to having success in network marketing. However, there is one secret which is really is common sense. However, this secret will no doubt lead you to success in your network marketing business. First of all, you have to know why you joined your opportunity. Was it because you thought that it would provide you with a high income? Was it because of the prospecting tactics of your sponsor? The truth is that it was probably both of them.

Always Use A Duplicable System

You were probably lured into an opportunity by means of personal contact or have read a report about making a good income from home. After you have been in the business for a while and have been through a few struggles you are then advised to buy leads and start cold calling these " prospects ". You might ask what is wrong with that? Many distributors use one type of prospecting system to bring them good targeted leads and then advise their recruits to employ an entirely different prospecting system. Why is this happening? The answer is that people hate to do any cold calling. Therefore, it is far easier for sponsors to ask downline distributors to do this "dirty work" instead of doing this work themselves.

Successful distributors with massive downlines view this as a numbers game. They have already reached high levels of business success and financial security that losing downline members would not have any negative impact both in their businesses and finances. The reason is because downline distributors who drop out will always be replaced by new distributors.

A Duplicable System Is One Which Builds Relationships

If you want to avoid this trap and get your successful network marketing business off to a flying start, you have to learn how to build relationships with your prospects. This starts by offering something of value such as reports about your business. You should then teach them how to do some effective marketing. This will no doubt progress into meetings between you and the prospects. This is where you can really hammer home the fact that you will train the prospects when they join you and your business. The good thing is that they will know this even before they sign up with you. When they have signed up, you can then teach them the process which attracted them to your opportunity.

You must not tell your recruits to do things which you would not do yourself. Not only will this damage the growth of your organization, but will also ruin your reputation. You can only do this if you have thousands of members in your downline, but is the route to failure if you are just starting out.

To sum it up, the secret to success is finding a good system and then teaching your recruits and prospects to implement the same system. By doing this, you have placed your finger on the magic button for your business.
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Erik Gifford is a network marketer who is passionate about the success of other network marketers.You can get help with building your network marketing business in the new model by creating a free account at the Renegade University.
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