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Identifying Your PPC for Managing PPCs

Apr 24, 2008
Your first step is to answer these four questions:

1. Why should I read or listen to you?

2. Why should I believe what you have to say?

3. Why should I do anything about what you are offering?

4. Why should I act now?

The truth is these are potent guides for what you want included in your Google ad and what you want in the copy on the webpage your visitors first see. With those answers you can make your message more powerful.

We have failed to live up to our potential because we have tried to be everything to everyone. This is not possible. If your vision of what your company is and what it wants to achieve or be is unclear then your clients won't know what it is either, and that will uselessly spend your time and energy.

You will probably recognize this most famous USP from Domino's Pizza:

Fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

Domino's was an industry leader back in the days when they started with that USP. Because of this singular, yet plain value statement, a multi-billion dollar business was established.

Here is what the 13 words of Domino's USP did to the daily processes of their business:

Fresh. No need to fill freezers with prepared inventory. They have every thing they need right there, as well as sufficient personnel to ready the orders. And they were not obligated to have it taste good.

Hot. They keep a disciplined time schedule, getting the pizzas into the oven in time with orders that come in. They keep the right containers on hand and the delivery guys make sure the pizzas are well packed.

Pizza. Not spaghetti, lasagna, fine wines or burgers.

Delivered. This is no diner. Servers, chairs and tables or a team of busboys are unnecessary.

In thirty minutes or less. Speed and efficiency is the motto here.

Guaranteed. With these words you have the customer's attention. And the business continues to progress because the management are financially motivated

When you are able to define and focus your message, you will be free, because then you are specialized. If you were asked to find solutions to problems outside your field of focus, you would send them to someone else. Your niche is the only thing you are expected to have expertise in.

You may want to enlarge into other territories, like others you will then need more than one USPs. Retail stores are full of products that have their own USP, each one is clear and pointed.

You want your USP to fit in a Google ad-At the very least the main points will need to.
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