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Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Business

Apr 24, 2008
You've already dusted the den, mopped the kitchen, and donated some old clothes, but your house isn't the only thing that could use some spring cleaning this year. Your business environment can benefit greatly from a little tidying up. So, spruce up your office, and your business, and your mind - and say hello to productivity!

1. Shred some paper.
Spring is a great time to review your files and get rid of the ones you no longer need. However, it can be downright frightening to just toss personal information into the trash. Play it safe and shred any items with personal or financial information. For example, pay stubs, applications, receipts, bills, and canceled checks should all go through the shredder rather than straight to the recycle bin.

2. Revise your business card.
In many situations, your business card is your opener. It needs to look clean, clear, and professional. Perhaps it's time to enlist the services of a graphic designer to ensure that your business card is living up to its full potential. Also make sure to double and triple check your contact information and any other information included on the card. Handing out a card with outdated or incorrect information can do irreparable damage to your professional persona.

3. Create an archive.
If you haven't used a file in the past year (electronic or otherwise), but it is something you want/need to hang on to, you may want to create an archive. If you are creating an electronic archive, do some investigating into setting an auto-archive function. Files that archive themselves can help keep your inbox and desktop clutter-free. If you're working with paper files, set aside one day a month to sort through the items you no longer use: if you don't need them for future reference, go ahead and recycle them, otherwise, add them to your paper archive.

4. Implement that idea you've been kicking around.
You know the one. It begins with "someday I am going to finally..." and it gets pushed aside or put on a to-do list when more pressing matters are at hand. This spring, why not take a fresh look at that task or project that's been simmering on the back burner? There's no time like the present for putting new ideas to work.

5. Organize your inbox.
Folders, sub-folders, flags, levels of importance - these days email clients present several options to organize your inbox. It can take some getting used to, but in the end, email organization is an excellent timesaver. So take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the organizational options at your disposals - you'll be saving time in no time.
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