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Marketing Niches for Your Affiliate Marketing Online Business

Apr 24, 2008
Niche Marketing simply means you focus your marketing efforts on one narrow area of a service or product. As an example, infant care is a major market, and reusable diapers would be a niche market of that more major market.

To make money online, you want to focus on a niche like organic cleaning products in regard to affiliate marketing, so that you have significant online business growth. You want a market segment that will either have significant volume but a narrow focus nonetheless, or you'll want a larger area that has smaller volumes overall, but has large profit margins.

You're focusing on just one area of business, so your competition field naturally shrinks. If you are selling reusable diapers, your consumers will necessarily be concerned parents who are also concerned about the environment at the same time. They want quality products for their babies, and they're not interested in contributing to landfill usage. Therefore, any of your disposable competitors have suddenly been removed from your field of competition.

Because you are focusing on one area of business you drastically cut down on your competition. If you are selling non disposable diapers you have zeroed in on environment friendly consumers, looking for quality product for their infant. Huggies and Pampers have just been taken out of your competition pool.

It's tempting to expand your focus beyond your chosen niche, but this is probably a mistake; for one, you may be driven by greed, which is a mistake with any business venture. Number two, though, if you try to expand, it's very likely that you're going to confuse your customer base and maybe even drive customers away. For example, if you try to expand into the area of disposable diapers, you're going to alienate those customers who chose you specifically because you DIDN'T make disposable diapers, but focused on the more environmentally friendly alternative of reusable diapers. This is going to cause you to lose a large percentage of your customer base, not gain more customers. In addition, it's not likely that you going to gain a lot of customers within the disposable diaper market, either. Those people are more likely to go shopping locally, where it's more convenient, instead of having disposable diapers shipped to them.

If you want to make more money in your affiliate marketing online business, keeping close to your niche will help develop loyalty from customers, which in turn means greater profits for you.

For example, if you specialize exclusively in the organic cleaning products market, you can also write articles exclusively on the benefits of these products. Once you've published these reports or articles, you will have established yourself as an expert to those who read them and will therefore see you as an expert on organic cleaning products. This in turn will attract more business to you because your customers know that you know what you're talking about; this can be much more effective than simple advertisement.

Therefore, by participating in niche marketing, your income can grow exponentially because you focus especially on your particular area of expertise and business.
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