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Starting a Bounce House Business

Apr 24, 2008
Have you ever been to a party or event that had a bounce house? The kids were probably having a blast. Maybe you've even rented a bounce for your own party. But have you given any thought to the profit that can be had with your own bounce house business?

Bounce houses rent for anywhere from $85.00/day on the west coast to $250.00 & up in other parts of the country. Here in Indianapolis, we rent ours for around $225.00 for four to six hours. Soif you charge $150.00 for your rental, you can make an extra $300.00 per week in income.

Of course, there are some expenses that come with the rental. You'll need a truck or a small trailer. A good dolly, extension cords, business cards, insurance and other small business items. Most people who start up a rental company do the deliveries and bookings themselves. That's the joy of it. You work when you want to.not when you're told to. On the other handthe downside is that if you want the income you might as well accept that it's going to be there on the weekend and that's when you'll be working.

The most expensive part of inflatables is the insurance. Insurance tends to get cheaper as you insure more units but the start up can be a bit tough. The average moonbounce costs around $1500.00 with the insurance running another $750.00. Soyou can start up with one bounce for around $2500.00. At a rental rate of $150.00 you'll have your expenses and covered in less than twenty rentals. Of courseif you charge what we do, you're unit & costs will be paid for in about ten to twelve rentals.

Bounce Houses might only be the beginning. There are so many other items you can offer your customers. We start with two bounces and five years later we had over 50 rental items. Growing this business is as easy as setting up your units. If someone sees it, they'll want to rent it. So, before you know it, you might have giant slides, interactive games, obstacle courses or casino equipment.

You can get started in a bounce business by following a few easy steps.

-Talk to your state and local boards to find out what is necessary to open your own inflatable rental business. Some states have restrictions on what you can do.

-Check on suppliers. You can look on the web for "bounce house" or "inflatable games".

-Ask the suppliers to give you insurance info. Do NOT make a purchase until you've secured insurance.

-Order your bounce(s) just as soon as you have your insurance in place.

-It'll take some time to get your equipment and you have work to do while you're waiting for it to arrive. Make up fliers and business cards. Do a press release. Get your phone number and web address. Don't forget to tell everyone you know about your new business.

-Although you're starting to advertise, it's not recommended to book your units before they arrive. That's just asking for trouble.

-The day your equipment arrives is so exciting. Make sure though that you fully inspect your equipment for damages before your delivery driver leaves. And also check to make sure you've received everything.

-Now for the fun part. Inflate your new unit and get familar with it. Let the neighborhood kids play. You want your unit seen so people will want to rent it.

It's hard to believe it's so easy. These are broad tips but the start up isn't a whole lot rougher than this. Once you follow the steps, you'll be selling FUN, and you'll be making a profit! What a great business!
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Cheryl Pierce has been in the rental business for almost 20 years. Her complete guide Start a Bounce House Business has helped many bounce house owners to create a successful business. For more info also visit Party Rental Help from PartyZone
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