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Tips To Better Business Card Usage

Apr 24, 2008
Getting the most out of a business card can be tough. The rules and etiquette associated with business card use aren't too well known- leaving many beginners to the subject, and consequently losing money and possible sales as a result. To counter such ignorance, there are tips and guidelines for the beginner to follow to ensure success in business card marketing.

As beginners soon find, a very important first rule to keep in mind is to always have a business card on hand. This means if you forget your business card stash at the office, and a client requests one, you could potentially lose a sale that could have done wonders for your company in return business and networked business.

It should also be a point in every business card owner's plan to never be stingy with a business card. If one client requests multiple business cards for reference or to hand out to friend, always make good on the request and follow through- even if you are running low. Otherwise the rejection may scare the potential client away- and possibly business they might have recruited for you as a result. In this case, it's best to order more cards than you need, and to give them out frequently to those who ask.

The best signal to send when exchanging a business card is that you are a genuinely caring individual. No one likes it when the other person in the exchange shoves the business card in their pocket or wallet without glancing at it- this shows indifference and is quite rude. Avoid this by looking at the other person's business card for a few seconds and thanking them for their time.

Above all else, businesses will find that most of their clients will come through the business of previous clients. Clients who have kept onto your business card will often give it to friends or family members who may be in need of your service- given they were satisfied and wish their cohorts to also enjoy a good service you may provide.

Another less accepted use of business cards is to mail cards with bill payments. While this may seem unorthodox, it is in fact very beneficial in networking. The person receiving the payment may know of a friend or may need your services themselves. Either way, doing so has been known to increase conversions and sales among companies.

Getting creative also works with forming relationships with other businesses. Some of the best profits come from pairing one business with another- and then reaping profits from the conjunction. Forming a relationship such as this can easily come by mailing those who have given you business cards with a thank you note, and make note to include your own business card for contact.

Business cards can be a very important promotional tool for a business- the trick is to use them correctly so your money isn't waste. Business cards are usually fairly cheap in today's society- so be sure to get generous and creative with how you hand them out. Doing so can mean the difference between a successful business relationship and missing the sale or relationship of a lifetime.
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