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Websites: what are the costs?

Apr 24, 2008
So you have made the decision to have a website built for your business, but are not sure of what is involved, and where the costs lie? It can be confusing, especially if you are not particularly Internet or PC savvy: web development, web hosting, domain names, email addresses. All of these are factors that need to be considered and costed into your project. As well as that, you've seen many great websites on the net, which are packed with loads of cool features, moving graphics, options to sign up for newsletters, database searches and links to other sites. Do you need all these features, and how much will all that cost? What should you have in your website, what's the process, and how much will it all set you back?

Lets look at the process. First you need a suitable domain name, such as the name of your company or business or even a name that reflects more the services or products you provide. Do you need a dot com or dot local domain name? For an international flavour, or if your target market is International then use a dot com. But for a local look and feel where your market lies within your own country, then a local domain name can be more appropriate. How much is a domain name? In NZ $39.95 will secure you the name for a year, and on websites such as Godaddy, the costs can be even less.

What does a website cost? A basic website can cost as little as $1000 - $2000. What do you get for that? You generally get what's called a brochureware website. That's one that is like what it's name suggests: an online brochure introducing your business, products and services, and encouraging users of your site (your target market) to contact you. You can have the basic structure of three pages: 1) Home page which introduces you, your business, products and services 2) Products and/or Services page for more detail 3) Contact page, which may include location (a map!), phone numbers and email facility. The latter may be in the form of a link, which opens up a blank email when clicked on, or may include a form, which users fill in, and this generates an email which is sent to you. The form is great way of encouraging users to give you a certain amount of required information, so that you can give the most informed response, and hopefully generate some business. A brochureware website is a great start if you want to start off small, with a good Internet presence at a reasonable price. Don't forget you can always expand it over time once you have analysed its effectiveness, seen the benefits, and increased your confidence. This sort of site supports your existing marketing strategy and initiatives and is another facet of your marketing strategy: it's an advertisement for your business.

So, what are the other costs that you need to consider when getting a website? You must factor in costs for the following: Website hosting Email hosting Marketing and search engine optimisation Bets of luck.
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Before you get a website developed you should know and understand what the costs are. This articles reviews those costs.
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