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Five Unique Home-Based Business Opportunities You Can Create Yourself

Apr 25, 2008
Tired of the same old same old? When everybody's in on a good thing, it's sometimes difficult to squeeze in to find a foothold. Take home based businesses, for example. There are guides, websites dispensing tips and advice, even gurus and coaches ready to jump in to save you from making a first-time home business owner's mistakes. But what you truly want is to find a home-based business that offers something different, something that will make all others go, 'Now why didn't I think of that?' Here are five unique home-based business opportunities you might want to take a look at:

Hair care

Not nearly unique enough? With a little imagination and a few twists, offering products specializing in hair care can jumpstart your foray into the world of home-based businesses. Denise Reed was thinking of other people's crowning glories when she came up with a simple yet creative solution to the challenge of maintaining dreadlocks and braids. With LB Soc, a polyester fabric that is used to encase the hair to protect it, Reed was able to provide a practical product and still make money from her skills.

Look around you. There might be a real need there that people just missed seeing.

Food and luxury

People love food and they adore comfort. So why not combine the two? Offer a home-based personal care product or service, for example, or do what Kelly McElroy did. She combined wine tasting with a soothing session of massage and thus catered to the high-end market that doesn't mind the pampering and the champagne.

Fresh and natural

Everybody claims to be natural these days but who's really the genuine article? If you have access to fresh and organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, there are plenty of stuff you can sell to start a home-based business. Consider offering home-grown organic ready-to-eat meals or baked products. Or you could offer pickled and preserved organic food.

Or go gourmet. On Thyme Gourmet, for example, is a home-based business offering gourmet herbs prepared especially for easy cooking. They also offer fresh herbs in sesame or olive oil and yes, even New Zealand sea salt.

Pet wear

Better believe it. If clothes for humans make good businesses, so does couture for pets. If you love animals, are capable of coming up with some cutesy designs and can sew, this is the perfect business for you. Aric Ross of Pittsburg, Kan., for example, is the owner of Chasing Attire, which offers brand names for the pampered pet.

Whether you want to sell for low-end customers (in which case you might want to mass market and keep the leather and Swarovskis inside the drawers) or high-end customers (more discerning customers pay better, you know), this business opportunity lets you work at home and still earn a decent amount of money.

Pimped out appliances and gadgets

Everybody has a special gadget these days. Yes, including your 5th grade teacher. Why not take inspiration from MTV's Pimp My Ride and offer customized designs and accessories for everyone's favorite devices? Leather jackets and holographic stickers for iPods and CD players and pendants for mobile phones are just a few examples.

For a really unique take as a home-based business opportunity, try looking towards the kitchen. FlameKA, which is based in Arizona, offers materials to customize of all things your trusty KitchenAid mixer. Should you ever decide one day that your mixer looks boring, dress it up in decals, animal prints or snazz it up with a diamond plate.
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