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How To Be Successful In MLM

Apr 25, 2008
Everyone in MLM wants to be successful. However, being a winner is not always easy and straightforward.

There is one question which should be asked and can greatly increase the chances of success. Are you in a vampire network? For those of you who are not sure, read on to find out more about what exactly this is.

What is meant by a vampire network?

A vampire network is always looking out for new blood. It is when a company is continually pushing distributors to form a huge down line. There is no real product and people would simply not join if there wasn't some form of business opportunity associated with it. Of course, recruiting is important, but it is not good if it is the primary focus.

Is anyone dealing in products or are they just garage qualified? Naturally, everyone must continue to look for new leaders to grow and develop, but not to the point where there is nothing being sold. A balance is necessary.

What is the focus on? If it is only on recruitment, and this is all you are being paid for, then this is vampire networking.

What is the price of the product? Is the price competitive or inflated? Bear in mind only a few companies manufacture goods for most MLM companies so inflated prices occur when a company's products are very high and the identical products can be found with other companies for a much lower cost. Plus, if the products can be bought from Wal-mart, Costco, Safeway, or on Ebay, etc., this is disastrous for the distributors. Who can possibly compete with Wal-Mart? Success in MLM will be extremely difficult when involved with a company like this.

What profit is being made? A profit is the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the goods. . If distributors get only 3%, 5%, 7%, etc. of the wholesale profit, they are going to require a great number of people to build a good income. We are talking about thousands of people here, not hundreds! Did you just feel the presence of the vampire?

What are the overheads of the company? This may sound strange but it has to be taken into consideration. The smaller the overheads the more money a company can put into a compensation plan for its distributors.

Do bonuses get paid? Is only the top 1% qualifying for bonuses? As most people involved in MLM are part time workers this has to be considered. Where does the money set aside for bonuses go if hardly anyone qualifies?

Would the product ever be bought if there was no business opportunity associated with it? If recruitment stopped for any length of time would the company remain in business? It could be an illegal pyramid scheme if there is no real product but much recruiting taking place.

In order to be successful in MLM think carefully and give full consideration to the questions above. If the answers to the questions are not satisfactory, if could well be a vampire network where success will be very difficult, if in fact it is possible at all. You would be far better off choosing to work for a company where you can build things up big, with your children and your children's children in mind.
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