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Don't Put All Your MLM Eggs in One Basket

Apr 25, 2008
There is a certain cult-like mentality with many MLM programs out there. Many uplines want you to eat, sleep, and breathe their message. They want your full, 100%, undivided attention on them exclusively.

These companies and uplines would have you believe that their product is the best in the world, and would make you feel like it's a mortal sin to diversify. But that is exactly what you need to do.

Imagine this for a moment: you spend the next five years of your life building a successful network marketing organization. You quit your day job. Your business is profitable, and growing.

Your sole source of income is your network marketing company. Sure, you spent a lot of money in the beginning on leads and business materials, but it was all worth it. You are thriving.

Your multi level business pays for your house, your car, your food, your vacations. The income you've made sends your children to college, and is funding your retirement.

But then something happens. The company goes out of business, or worse, fires you!

Now, you may think that this cannot happen, but let me tell you, I've seen it happen to more than one distributor in multi level marketing. And it always comes as a shock, and a major financial hardship.

All this can be avoided however. If you choose to diversify your income in the beginning of your multi level marketing career, and see your MLM company as a stream of income instead of your only source of income, you can build a successful business and not have to worry about any unforeseen hiccups in your compensation.

Don't let your company use you, use them as a powerful tool in your monetization model. Treat your business as a real business, and diversify your income.

So what kinds of monetization models work well with network marketing? Well, the best way to monetize is to attract leads to your network marketing business opportunity. Have them pay you.

Huh? Yes, I am suggesting that instead of paying for leads, you have leads come to you and pay you. You do this by establishing a lead generation system that will educated and entice prospects to your business.

For example, you could build a content based website about how you are successful in your multi level business. You could teach prospects how they could be successful, and sell them information products or business materials to help them succeed.

Then, once they realize that the materials they have acquired through you are legitimate, and really work, they will want to join your opportunity as well. Sounds over simplified, but it actually works.

The benefits to this type of system are enormous. You monetize by having a website, you prequalify prospects with an MLM education so that only the ones willing to put in the work necessary to succeed contact you, and you ultimately build a strong organization, all the while profiting in multiple ways.

It takes some time, and some work, but in the end, you come out a winner.
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