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The Consequences of Refusing to Persuade

Apr 25, 2008
"No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority." --Joseph Addison

We all love freedom. However, the concept of freedom is something that politicians and pundits use and abuse for their benefit. The Founding Fathers never intended freedom to be a spectator sport or something that professional politicians would usurp for political gain.

One problem we have is a tendency toward excessive political correctness. We're all so worried about not offending anyone and we shrink away from having any opinions. This means we don't learn how to argue our points and don't have to defend our beliefs. And therefore, we aren't empowered or informed to the extent that we could be. When you truly know an issue, only then can you defend what you believe to be true. And only by engaging others can we learn and understand our differences.

This fear of offending is a problem. It leads to us being a nation of mutes. We keep quiet and "going along to get along" instead of making our voices heard. Those that want power take advantage of our silence and submissiveness and begin to foist all manner of rules that we're supposed to just go along with.

In my opinion, one of the biggest offenders of this requirement of our submission is the police. It seems to me the police have forgotten or are choosing to absolutely ignore that their duty is to protect and serve. Instead they believe their job is to see how much compliance they can wrestle out of everyone.

This story will illustrate what I'm talking about.

I came across an article in The Oregonian entitled "Four Sue Police, Alleging 'Dirty Tactics'".

One of the four, Frank Waterhouse, who is suing the police department for unlawful seizure with excessive force, alleges that police fired a Taser and bean bag rounds at him because he was videotaping their search of a friend's property.

The claimant alleges that the police came after him, yelling at him to put the camera down. As he was running away, he said, 'don't come after me' at which point the police shot him with a bean bag and Taser.

Officers wrote in their reports that Waterhouse ran off, they chased him and then bean-bagged and Tasered him. One officer wrote in his report, "He had refused to drop the camera which could be used as a weapon."

Wait a minute. . . he was running away and somehow he was still threatening to them? Crazy.

When good people keep quiet then they get whatever the authority figures give them. I'd say it's high time to begin using your persuasion skills to let others know what you think. Don't let this happen to you.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of wealthy clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
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