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How To Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You

Apr 25, 2008
Traffic exchanges offer many benefits but the main ones are:
1. Your market is already targeted.

2. You don't have to do anything to increase the market, the traffic exchange owner does this. They work on increasing their member base which will increase more eyeballs to see your website.

3. It is free advertising. You can get your own personal conversion rate for each exchange and then decide on purchasing advertising through that particular exchange. You will have tested out the effectiveness of the exchange first.

Now I use specific lead capture pages that cater to specific traffic exchanges and my offer is to help that user earn a certain amount of money per day with what they are already doing...surfing!

For instance, I promote a free report for how to earn money using the credits you are earning for that particular exchange. For ilovehits exchange, my page says "How to Earn $200 Per Day with ILoveHits Credits" followed by a couple sentences about the report. It's short and to the point with an opt-in page at the bottom. This method is extremely effective because it's targeted to that specific exchange.

I am amazed at the number of websites in these exchanges that are super long with a ton of content. Considering the 10-30 second timer, that user won't be on that website long enough to do any good. You need something direct and to the point that catches the user's eye.

They also use the main website and not a lead capture page. If you are doing that, you are throwing so much money out the window. You MUST capture that readers name and email so you can properly follow up with your well written auto-responder messages. Remember, it takes a someone on average 7 times to see an offer before responding. Follow up is critical!

You also need to track your lead capture pages so you can track your conversion rates and see where to properly invest more time or to purchase credits from a particular exchange.

You do not have to use one exchange at a time. Download a browser where you can have several tabs open at once with each tab being a different traffic exchange. I usually surf the top 10 exchanges 200 times each which is approximately 2 hours. Then I'll choose 10 more exchanges and surf each of those about 100 times. I usually do this Monday thru Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, I surf myself silly. It is so worth it as long as you remain consistent!!

Be on the lookout for my article listing the Top 20 Traffic Exchanges.

Happy Surfing!
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