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Finding A Profitable Online Based Business

Apr 25, 2008
When opportunity knocks and no one answers the door, it will move on to the next door until it finds someone home. That does not mean you have to open the door every time an offer comes knocking as some of them are only looking for a way to get in the house and starting looking for things to walk out with. You will have to be choosey about who you allow in, but you have to at least answer the door once in awhile in order to see if the opportunity is right for you.

However, as home business owner if you are looking at your dwindling bank account and are filled with hope that something is going to show up soon, the next knock may be another bill collector looking for money. In order for anything to make a difference in your business you have to make it happen. It is only in fairytales that bags of money appear on your doorstep and when apples fall from the tree they stay on the ground. Wishing will not make it so.

New home business owners, especially those that have left a job to strike out on their own often do not realize how much prospecting they will have to do to work and make a living. When they hit the road on sales calls, they are not only selling their products or services, they are selling themselves, just like the original door to door sales persons. This is especially true if your home business is based online as there is no eye contact and no firm handshake with which to judge a persons integrity.

If your potential customers do not perceive an honest effort to garner their business they will likely head to another website that make them feel like their business will be appreciated. While testimonials can help people decide if your offerings are legitimate, and may even sway their decision, they have to be real. All legitimate online businesses will make the persons that submitted references for their business available to new prospects. Otherwise, most people will presume they are either paid testimonials or ones they made up from people they have never met.

Desperation is usually what prompts an otherwise honest business to skimp a little on details or fudge some of the facts in order to attract new customers. All of this typically comes on the heels of hope that never produced any positive results for the business. You will have to dig deep in some cases in order to find your customers or clients. Like most businesses in any industry, they did not become successful by accident or by sitting by the door hoping customers came to them.

Sitting in front of the computer screen hoping for clients to send an email will not make them come. However, since you are just sitting there doing nothing else important, do some research about who can use your services and why they should choose you. Then, go out and find them and let them know you are there to help.
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