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4 Easy Ways Your Own Domain Could Earn You Big Bucks

Apr 25, 2008
There's a lot of talk about how much money there is to be made on the Internet and while every can secede to the fact, many individuals remain clueless as to how ANYONE can make a decent income from the Internet, with nothing more than a website and some effort.

People still tend to believe that the money is only being made by big companies with offices and staff and highly popular websites. That couldn't be further from the truth. Tens of thousands of individuals are generating spare incomes for themselves from the comforts of their home spending about a couple hours a day behind their computer screens.

Of course, once your Internet Business grows bigger, you do have the option of expanding into an office with a staff - but that's a different story. What's important is that you, or me, or anyone can make some money from the Internet quite easily - and here are some ways you can do just that.

1. An Online Expansion Of What You Are Already Doing
If you are a dog trainer, perhaps you can start a website on dog training to try and secure more clients. You can even write e-books and sell them on your website or provide a weekly newsletter for a membership fee.

2. Earn From Advertising
One of the most popular ways to earn money from the Internet is through advertising. Once you have a decent amount of traffic to your website, you can start earning extra cash through Google Adsense or other forms of Internet advertising.

3. Build a Niche Mailing List
A mailing list is a great way to start making money - and even more so if it is a profitable niche market. Going back to the dog training example, if you could obtain all the e-mail addresses of your visitors (who are pet owners), then over time you could build a very profitable mailing list of pet owners.

Every time you create a new product or service, such as an eBook or a newsletter, you can market it to the same list of people, and since your products would be pet related, who better to market them to but to pet owners? This can work for any kind of niche as long as you market the right products to the right people.

4. Sell Products As An Affiliate
Even if you don't have your own products to sell, you can still make money from sales. You do this by becoming an Affiliate of other Merchants, and then marketing their products on your website.

Your visitors, if they like what you have to say about the product (or service), will click on the link that you provide to visit the Merchants website and purchase the product, thus entitling you to a commission. This is incredibly easy for anyone to do since you don't even have to create something - you just need to write or blog!

The above are just 4 examples of easy ways to make money with nothing but a website or blog - and they don't even take into account the financially positive spillover benefits. For example, after running a blog on dog training for a year or so, and becoming decently popular online, you may begin to receive great word-of-mouth advertising from your visitors which may spill over to your physical practice.

There are simply too many ways your own domain or website could earn you money to completely fit into one book, let alone an article. But now that you know some of the easier ways, perhaps you've changed your mind on whether or not you, too, can jump onto the online money making bandwagon.
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