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Brainstorm Your Way To Business Success

Apr 25, 2008
A Success Story, I believe for most people has been and still is to provide an adequate living for themselves and their family: that means a home, a measure of financial security, to have hope, to have opportunities and have time for their friends.

Planning, preparation, perspiration, persistence, and opportunity are still very much part of the formula to achieve that Success Story.

Today, it may take several career changes, several new disciplines, several new associations and plenty of brainstorming during one's lifetime. It may mean moving to a different part of the country, or starting one's own business.

Brainstorming is an extremely good way of scanning through your resource of knowledge. A brainstorm can work with an individual or a group. This technique requires the generation of as many ideas as quickly as possible to solve a problem.

It does not matter how outrageous an idea might be. The ideas need to be written down with a time limit imposed for brainstorming. Remember the less judgmental of ideas the greater the number of ideas generated. Although many of the ideas may be unreasonable and ineffective, they may lead you to the idea that will really work. It is helpful to set a goal for the number of ideas you wish to generate.

Journal your thoughts for future use. This includes writing down ideas, dreams, insights, experiences, quotes, problems, and any other information that is pertinent to you. This should have some kind of organization so you can look back on it periodically. You may find the answer to a problem in last month's notes, so remember to review these personal logs frequently. This system will compliment the complex subconscious mind, and allow you to retrieve from this boundless resource. It also adds new strength and generates momentum to your business

A good way to journal is through blogs.

Blogs add personality to your business!

The Internet is an extremely impersonal business medium, and any opportunity you get to give your business some personality will increase your sales.

Fact: People like to buy products from people and not machines!.

If you use a blog to give your business a "voice," your customers will get a better sense of what the business really stand for. That will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and ultimately improve your sales!

Just remember: Your blog should not be written in fancy business language! It should be extremely conversational and personal.

Your readers should feel as if you are speaking directly to them, sharing personal stories, useful tips and ideas, your thoughts on new developments in the industry and whatever your readers will find useful and informative.

Your blog posts do not have to be long articles! In fact, you will be better off if they are not. Most popular bloggers keep their posts to 400-500 words maximum, and many of their posts are often much shorter.

Stay passionate and committed to your business and you will be the next success story.
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