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Make Money Or Google Adsense?

Apr 25, 2008
Sure I bet you have heard about people making big money online building their site and then putting Google Adsense on it. The search engines index the sites and people flock over to read your articles/posts and then they click on your Adsense links and you gt paid the big money.

Stop right there!

Let's stop and think about this for a minute...

First of all if you are not familiar with how Adsense works, it is a program offered by Google to allow webmasters to make money on their website. A webmaster who has a site can go to Google and register their website with Google. Google then displays ads on the webmaster site that are relevant to the content on the site.

Now there are advantages to using Google Adsense. One advantage is that it is very simple to set up and implement. Once the webmaster in search the code on their site, Google takes care of getting the advertisers and displaying ads. The involvement from the webmaster is minimal after initial setup.

There is a downside to this program that I see as well. One downside is that you are sending your traffic off of your site to possibly competitors websites. You already have traffic to your site and they're already interested in what they are reading, why send them away?

Why not sell them something and keep all the money for yourself?

It would be very easy to offer these people a free e-book about the related topic of your website and have them sign up to your mailing list. Once they sign up to your mailing list you can send the various offers about products that you have.

Another option is that you can sell them an e-book or software product right off your site as opposed to sending them through Google link. At the very least offer them an affiliate product related to the content on your site. Such products can be found Clickbank as well as other places online. Do a search for "affiliate products your topic".

Another option would be to sell them a private label product.private label products are e-books or software that you can buy where you can also own the license to it. You are allowed to change and edit the e-book or software and make it your own. Then once you sell it, you keep all of the money. There is a bit more work involved using this method, but again, you keep all of the money.

Stop sending the traffic on your site and into the Google. Make money with it yourself.
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