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Effective Sales Copy Designed for the Web

Apr 25, 2008
Influencing people to buy what you sell using a sales letter or email is quite simple when you keep a few important rules in mind. Set your company up as a reliable and innovative provider or quality products. Let the consumer know how quickly they should buy your products. Include the benefits to the customer throughout the sales pitch.

Start out your sales copy with a well thought out title. It should force the reader to want to read on. Introduce how your service or product can make enhance their lives immediately. Identifying common problems and offering to solve them is something every consumer appreciates.

If you leave out directions on how soon they should act and how they can buy your product, they may simply toss or delete your letter and quickly move on. This can be easily overlooked, but it is a potentially devastating mistake. You could waste many resources distributing sales information that is ineffective.

Avoid simply listing features of your products or services. While this is important to communicate, there are other ways to go about getting this information across. You can instead design more clever copy by listing a feature and then how it directly improves the buyer's life.

To make sure there are no reservations on the part of the consumer, anticipate any questions and concerns they may raise. Provide answers to these queries right in the sales letter. This will build their confidence in your company even more.

Another common mistake is to recycle the same material over and over in sales literature. This is only okay as long is it brings in converts. Analyze sales resulting from marketing efforts closely to know whether or not you need to change your tactics.

More crucial than all the tips above is your faith in what you do. Clarify for yourself exactly now you provide solutions for people to ease their burdens or make them happier. Once you can communicate this to others, your sales efforts will be almost unnecessary. Use the fact that people can always recognize both exaggerations and simple truths within advertising to your benefit.

Use these ideas to make all your sales efforts more productive. These marketing tips are relevant to almost everyone in any business. In the growing competition fostered by the internet, make sure you are incorporating these tactics into your sales copy.
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