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Fax to Email - Creating a Paperless Office

Apr 25, 2008
I still have no idea why people/businesses are still using fax machines, I have to say I have even less idea as to why fax machines are still used in offices when everything a fax can do can be achieved via a computer.

Many UK businesses and homes now contain more powerful electrical equipment then NASA had at its disposal for the original Apollo missions, yet Neanderthal man still insists on ripping up trees to make fax paper which for many is only used for SPAM purposes.

All I ever see on other fax machines in work places is junk fax mailers, it the equivalent of junk mail being delivered through your letterbox, you dont want it, yet without fail it turns up on a regular basis, and you know full well that a tree has been felled in creating the junk mail, look at the waste junk faxes cause:

1. Toner use
2. Equipment supply
3. Paper waste
4. Wasted time
5. Energy in manufacture

All of these have a knock-on effect, with the exception of wasted time all of the others draw power in manufacture, fuel is required in logistics/shipping, even the packaging of a fax machine, toner or paper requires manufacturing, in fact the supply chain is almost never-ending.

So what can be done to reduce fax waste? Easy, Fax to email!

How can you stop junk faxes?

If you are insistent that you CANNOT live without your fax machine, then use law to help cut fax and planet consumption. Under Government regulation it is illegal for companies to fax any individual business who has indicated they dont want to receive junk faxes.

Stop junk faxes today.

Do not let there be any more junk faxes go fins a good fax to email service that will not cost you an arm and a leg and start the initiation process.

Reducing fax waste - permanently!

I can remember diverting my faxes ten years ago with with 56k modem, so why with technology so advanced do so many businesse still use physical fax machines?

Well the technology is here and for a small price you can help reduce your business carbon footprint and vet your faxes via email prior to any possible printing requirement, which can only be a good thing.

If you are a heavy fax machine user there are various fax to email services which simply transfer all your faxes to an email format.
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