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How To Seperate Your Home Life From Your Home Business

Apr 25, 2008
Too many home businesses fail due to a lack of discipline and not only from the business owner. Many times friends and family fail to understand that even though you are at home, you are still working, hence the term work at home business. Very few spouses or children would ever think of interrupting someone while they were at work outside the home, yet they have no compunction about dropping into their home office unexpectedly to discuss any topic.

It is a learning experience for family members when a business is operating out of the home and some may even feel as though they are being imposed upon by having to stay out of a room in 'their' house because you decided to stay at home and work, turning the spare bedroom into an office and posting a private sign on the door. At first, they may be willing to leave you alone and initially, you may actually appreciate the occasional interruption. However, once the novelty wears off that you are at home all the time, the interruptions will really begin to take their toll.

There will be a transitional period when a home business first opens during which the rest of the house members need to get used to the idea of pretending you are not home, even though they can hear you and probably even see you in your office. There is no real harm if they pop in to ask the occasional question just as you might venture into the family's space to ask a question, provided it does not become a habit and a constant source of distraction.

Family will understand a lot better than neighbors and friends who see your car in the driveway during the first few days of working at home and chances are they will come calling to make sure you are OK. Even once told you are now working from home and really have to get back to work, you will probably have to hear about how lucky you are to be able to work at home, on your own schedule and have no one telling you what to do and not have all the distractions at an office.

During the initial period of adjustment patience will be needed to prevent creating bad feelings among family and others who unknowingly interrupt your work schedule. After awhile however, you will need to set parameters for everyone, if you plan to help your business grow and be successful. You immediate family will generally accept when they figure out if you cannot work, they may not be able to eat.

After about the first month, working in a home office will typically smooth out and there will be fewer people knocking on the door and you will not be spending the time wandering around the house searching for ways to be distracted. It is common in the beginning for new home business operators to get behind on their projects and then struggle to make up the time.
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