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Medical Assistant Duties And Job Description

Apr 25, 2008
What comprises medical assistant duties? Are you hiring or are you someone who wants to go into medical assisting? It is not really hard to imagine what to put into a medical assistant job description. Duties will vary depending on what area the medical assistant is working in.

The range of duties you might be expected to complete includes attending to patients when they arrive, giving injections and taking care of the files and appointment books.

A medical assistant working at a dental clinic will have to prepare the equipment that the dentist will need, sterilizing the equipment before each appointment and assisting the dentist with whatever needs to be done. Dental assistants also organize appointments and handle patient documentation.

In a pediatric practice they may give injections and do filing and handle the administrative duties. In other setting assistants may help doctors to make research on cases, and in big hospitals assistants handle most of the documentation.

Other medical assistants work in a laboratory, aiding in the diagnosis of patients' illnesses. Their work involves testing blood and tissue samples in order to determine exactly what patients are suffering from. This type of work can be dangerous, as assistants run the risk of contracting whatever diseases patients have if they are not careful with samples.

If you do not wish to work in a hospital or be around sick people, then you may consider becoming a medical transcriptionist. This type of work can be done at home, and simply involves you typing out notes that doctors have made in audio form.

An assistant working in an ophthalmology practice is typically involved in conducting eye tests, giving patients instructions on the care and use of contact lenses, and dispensing medication. Medical assistants also help to maintain the equipment used in medical procedures.

As an assistant you need to be prepared to do research either online or at the library to learn more about disorders that your employer needs more information on. You might also be asked to assist in collecting samples and preparing them to send to the lab.

A good doctor's clinic is kept that way by the hard work of the assistant. The assistant keeps things running smoothly and ensures that patients receive a high standard of care. By taking care of equipment and keeping the files in order, they make everything easier for the doctor and speed up the processing of patients. They also are responsible for keeping the rooms clean between patients so that everything is always ready to go.

If you get yourself certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants, you will have a better understanding of what is involved in being a medical assistant and be more likely to land a job. A good knowledge of medical assistant duties will make you prepared for what you can expect in your new job and will help you enjoy your position.
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