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Targetting Traffic To Your Site

Apr 25, 2008
Traffic is the life's blood of any business, whether online or off. Without traffic, there is no customers, without customers there are no sales. Without sales, there is no business. Yet many webmasters seem to fall into the notion that traffic is traffic and the more you get the more sales you can make. This statement is both true and false.

It is true that, using the law of averages, you will make a few sales by throwing more and more traffic at a site. But those sales will, in all likely hood, be few and far between. Certainly not enough to sustain a business.

But take the same idea and apply it to targeted traffic. The big difference is that unlike the untargeted traffic mentioned above, the potential audience WANTS to check your site out. This type of traffic results in sales. This is the type of traffic webmasters want and demand. But few seem to know how to go about getting it.

Here are a few ideas that can help build that kind of traffic.

1. Article Marketing. Of all the types of marketing available, this one is among the best. It has the potential to reach an ever growing potential audience with any further effort on the webmaster's part. The market for fresh, original content is growing and the search engines reward sites that have it, whereas plagiarised material is penalized. Best of all,if you are on a budget this can be free and it works.

2. E-mail Marketing. This can be one of the best and fastest ways to build traffic and profits to your website. But this type of marketing comes with a warning. Be sure you know who it is you are dealing with and their reputation. There are the unscrupulous out there who will deliver your message to millions by spamming. Failing to abide by the CAN-SPAM laws can get you in more trouble than you think. Check them out through the BBB and FTC before spending your money.

3. Viral Marketing. To clarify what this means is that you are advertising through the use of free e-books or reports that you simply give away. You may allow your potential readers to repackage the e-book (so it looks like they wrote it), but the material inside remains untouched. The advantage here is that your readers are giving it away to still others thus increasing your potential market geometrically.

Using this type of marketing, you can reach a potential audience of thousands or more. BUT, when using this type of marketing, make sure the information you supply has value to the reader. It may be in the form of "how to" or giving tips on a particular niche or subject related to a particular niche. The point is the reader should be able to take the information given him and use it.

4.Link Swapping. This type of marketing involves two webmasters agree to place links on each other's sites that link back to each other. It is a good way to build traffic and also build on your search engine rankings at the same time.

These techniques can help build laser targeted traffic to your site. Some take longer than others to reach the desired levels of activity to your site. The point is that you, as the webmaster, have to be consistent and persistent in your efforts. Only through consistent and persistent advertising efforts will you succeed online.
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