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Many Hot Tips For Boosting Direct Marketing

Apr 25, 2008
Direct mail is an exciting area of marketing, probably even the most exciting. There are so many things that will help you create a mailing list. Preparing yourself is the best way to beginning a new business or winning mailing. The key is to study and learn new techniques that apply to your situation and put them to work. This article will explain some excellent techniques for making sure your mailings pull a stronger response.

If you are using amounts you should put them in the from of numbers not words. For example, instead of saying that most people have an iron deficiency say that 70% of people have an iron deficiency. Using believability and creditability are good ways to get prospected buyers to purchase your products.

Say something that is a little negative to make your price seem more believable. It is important to talk about all the positives your product has but saying something negative could benefit as well. For example, you have cashmere sweaters on sale but you need to make your customers see that the price you are offering the sweaters for is a bargain. So then you tell the customers that the sweaters only come in three, very appealing, colors.

Gather some of your best testimonials from previous customers and post them for your other customers. This tip is pretty self explanatory. Testimonials will help drive customers to purchase form you since people are already happy with what you have to offer.

You should ALWAYS offer a guarantee. You should offer a guarantee that last for at least 90 days to a year. A guarantee will also help drive people to buy your products, they see the guarantee as a promise the your product is great and if it isn't you will make it up to them.

ALWAYS issue a call to action. You have to be very clear and precise with your readers, tell them exactly what you want them to do. Don't only tell them once, tell them over and over, this will increase the probability that they will do what you want.

Give the prospective buyers a reason to act now instead of later. Ease the minds of your prospects by offering free samples, coupons, bonus material or time limits to get them to hurry and by your product now.

Use an P.S. at the end of your letter. The P.S. section is usually read by everyone, even if the skip the rest of the letter, most of the time the P.S. is read. Therefore take advantage of this opportunity.

Check the flow of your letter. If your letters do not flow smoothly you could very well loose your readers. Make sure you always reread your letters to make sure they glow nicely.

Get an 800 number if you don't have one already. Many people would rather call a 1-800 number rather than a number that could be charged for long distance.

Key every ad or mailing you use without fail. Everything is measurable in direct marketing. All you need to do is build a unique key into the order form for each of your offerings to tell how many orders and inquiries you get from each letter.

Make sure to tell the buys what your offer and guarantee are again on the order form. Spice up the order form by telling the buyer what your are offering and add a nice professional looking border to your guarantee.

If you offer coupons make sure they are easy to use. You'll lose business if your coupon is too over crowded and hard to read. Having someone you know fill out a coupon for you will tell you how easy it is to use.

You should use a reply card, envelope or email address. Having a prepaid envelope in your letters or a respond email address in your e-letters will boost response from your readers.

Include a teaser on your envelopes of postal mail. Using a good teaser will entice your reader to open the mail.

Use a plain white envelope when you use postal mail. Just a plain white envelope with no return address or just an address with the company name will also entice readers to look inside.

Lift letters boost response. Write a small note to show key features will be a good way to boost response to your letters.

Always follow-up. Always offer a follow-up to your customers. For example, show your customers that bought your book what else other people bought that is similar.

You should offer differences in one product. Have different versions of the same product, this will boost sales.

Use response mailing lists. Make a list of people who have responded to previous letters or emails, these lists seem to be more responsive than others.

Use HOTLINE lists. Make a hotline list of people who have been satisfied with what they bought in the last 3 to 6 months. These people are more likely to buy again.

Cultivate duplicate names from different mailing lists. You should treat the customers that show up on multiple mailing lists like they are gold and don't merge them.

How to find the best mailing lists. Contact a few mailing list brokers. Have them recommend ten different mailing lists and then compare what each of them have said and the one that shows up on more than one brokers recommended list is the one to go for.

Always use good quality paper when printing brochures and letters. First impressions are very important, you want your letters and brochures to portray the image that your are trying to make.

Use colored stock for paper order forms. Having order forms that are different colors from the rest of the package with black ink make them easy to distinguish.

Use two different colors of ink in you letters and your email order forms. Doing this will give you an extremely professional look.

The tips above should be plenty enough to help obtain many successful marketing campaigns. Just choose the ones that apply to you and use them to help you.

You can obtain all the knowledge possible but if you do not put that knowledge to work it will mean nothing to you and you will gain nothing.
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